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August 30, 2006
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Band of Sketches: Melodia. by taeshilh Band of Sketches: Melodia. by taeshilh
I DON'T KNOW WHY I THOUGHT OF NAMING IT "MELODIA".. it just came to my head and I thought "huh.. fits well enough" or something. I called it Band of Serious in the actual uploadey image, though XD Because these sketches are meant to be more.. serious business. As in the majority of them was me trying to draw.. good. Like.. more detailed. With more carefulness to proportions (WHICH BY THE WAY FAILFAILFAILFAIL).. and just trying my best to develop my style and not make it look too ANIMAYDESUDESUDESU ;.; Which is a failure, it'll be hard to do that.

Oh well.. practice makes perfect.. although I've always posted my stuff on "Cartoons and Comics".. I just.. don't see it as anime/manga.. it has the influences, but I'm really trying my best to break away from it. I don't even use ALL of the irritating animay traits like HUGE-ASS SWEATDROPS, or those ugly vein-thingies or something. BABBLE BABBLE. Let's get on with the bloody show! This description is gonna prove to be long as hell as it is.. might as well cut to the chase and describe all these little chicken fingers!

- HELLO HAVE YOU MET MY FRIEND EMO. Yeah, I was kind of venting in this XD And I scribbled absolute nonsense, I know. But.. it's just me on a floating island with some blob playing the harmonica. And I've become used to that irritating song.. and it makes me saaaad. GAWD MAKES NO SENSE. I might as well just stop explaining it XD TAKE IT AS YOU WILL.

- I was trying to draw a realistic eye here, but it turned out a failure. Before you guys mention it.. the image that I was doodling from had her with a lot of eyelashes.. so that isn't too much and stuff.. although it does look like it XD But yeah.. I just wanted to draw a realistic eye, but seeing how badly it was done, I drew myself wanting to pop it with a pointy stick. Yummy!

- PERSPECTIVE ATTEMPT. Fission Mailed. I was trying to do some weird and difficult pose with the mermaid that's grabbing a wounded fish, but it didn't turn out too perfectly. I feel her arms are way too long.. but yeah XD I still like the atmosphere and the idea, though.. and look! Obligatory Gema who is drowning upside-down!

- Speaking of fail, I noticed I've begun to draw Carol a lot more.. mature now. It's because I don't wanna draw characters with eyes the size of dinner plates.. so I've made Carol's eyes really small lately.. and that bugs me because Carol seems to.. work with big eyes. So I'm trying to draw Carol with big, yet good eyes.. and it doesn't seem to be working out so well. She still looks way too mature! When she's meant to be like seven years old. So there's a happy and peeved-off-pouting Carol ;.;

- PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT EARLIER. Carol looks way too adult-like and mature.. probably her body, too.. she's meant to be sitting.. and holding a Lucykitten while that little angel in the Band of Contest ([link]) is saying goodbye and flying away XD

- More Carol.. she looks a lot younger now.. I was intending for her to be five in this.. and she's hanging out with little kindergardeners.. particularly a girl who is very affectionate with a little boy XD I don't know.. I thought it'd be a cute idea and I practiced a bit with.. I don't know.

- Amy dressed up in wintery clothes while Sonic is in the background, carrying all her crap.. but tripping and trying to catch them all before they drop XD I thought it'd be cute.. and I was trying to be a bit more.. stylish with clothes. I had all these clothes magazines with me to help, too.. I was never the type for designing clothes. Anyway.. yeah. I really love how Sonic turned out.. and Amy looks more.. humanish. Pyo.

- Stephanie is tired out from bakingabakeaprettycake. It wasn't meant to be anything naughty in a subtle way, don't worry! She's just tired out which is surprising considering how much of a hyperactive freak she is XD That's why the blob in the background is shocked and awed.

- Souppy is amusing. We were talking before about how likeable a character Lucy is.. I've been insecure since Lucy keeps coming off as a bit of a mean bish XD So I asked Souppy about that and wanted to get his input on her.. and he responded all "Don't worry! She's cute, I'd hit it!".. which surprised me. Obviously, he wouldn't REALLY hit it.. but it was just a way of saying. So I drew this ":-[" Paulo is a terrible boy, too.

This was actually drawn in a napkin in the car.. exact image.. and I forgot to take it with me and my father found it, but he doesn't know what it means.. he just thinks it's adorable and wants to keep it, which he did. Ahh, the innocence of internet-ignorance.

- Yeah.. it's obviously really weird to "hit" a kitten ":|" Lucy's not meant to be THAT small in reality, by the way. That was more.. what she would be if she were an actual normal kitten.. but the real characters are meant to be taller and bigger than that.. I still don't know what exact heights, though XD I was imagining like.. maybe Sonic or Miles' height.. like generally. I really don't know. They're not HUMAN-SIZED.

- RANDOM GUY. Attempt at.. proportions some more XD Drew it with a magazine as a guide. Pyo.

- Moose and Zee are so meant to be, it's PAINFUL. She's eating bird food that Moose poured onto his antlers, showing a clever way to use them. SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE. *Kills herself*

- Oh gawd a mini-comic. Okay.. created this fancharacter for Bittersweet called Kizuna long ago.. and Kizuna has a wild crush on David. The unfortunate thing is that David has a crush on a mysterious gardener and that has been.. a canon idea for the longest time, even originating from the old series. Unfortunate, ain't it? So we have the ever-sweet Kizuna.. despite David's heart being set out for someone else.. so Kizuna stalks the mysterious girl (Who David always stalks behind bushes) and confronts her in vicious anger. This leaves the mysterious girl puzzled.. since the joke of this love story is that.. the mysterious girl doesn't even know David EXISTS.

And David finds those two girls "fighting" to be hot. YES. Maybe they shoulda mud-wrestled.

- Souppy, Sammy, and Evarion. Souppy thinks Sammy's piercings are gross, Sammy thinks Souppy's fatness is gross, and Evarion's just a super cutie ":|" Bouncing and wanting to fit in. POOR GUY. Yeah. I really didn't draw Souppy as that much of a fat, though.. oh well! HIS CLOTHES HIDE IT WELL. He's overweight, but not a blob, I assure you!

- is an awesome person and you really should visit her page. Anyway.. she draws like the BEST Bittersweet fanart ever and she created this fancharacter called Tess.. so I drew Tess in normal kitten version since Lily's drawing of Tess had her all.. wearing clothes. Tess is meant to be a wealthy girl, apparently.. hence why she's gloating about her father owning.. mice. And Lucy's awed. Mike's just all "THAT'S CRUELTY" and stuff.. and random Yashy durr.

- On top of the desktop are a bunch of little figurines.. and Missy ended up breaking some of them, one in particular being some old guy reading a newspaper XD His head popped off.. so I.. decided to draw it. SHUTTUP.

- Lily's drawing amused me because Lucy was never the type to wear stylish clothes.. she's a tomboy.. but the amusing thing is that it was meant to be a bit of a joke in the old series. So if she wore even the SLIGHTEST amount of clothes, people would want to hit that bad. I recall Lucy went to the prom wearing just a little skirt thingie.. so I drew it here XD NOTICE IT'S OLD-SERIES DUE TO LACK OF BOW. I am intricate.

- I drew Michael.. as in my half-brother Michael XD He looks a bit too chubby.. he was just moving around and I guess I wanted to get him done.. but didn't realize how much of a fat I drew him. He's really skinny! Grinning away.. on the side I wrote what he kept saying. He wanted me to draw his flip-flops XD AN EPIC FAIL THAT WAS.

- Michael drew on this page, as you can see. He drew me, mother, Joe, and the house XD Yeah.. he told me to draw Missy alongside so I did. She was meant to be an insane quickie.. so her pose is pretty much EXACTLY like the Lucy above.. hence why Missy is ridiculing me. HI I AM CREATIVE.

- More epic Lilygasm. Lily wrote in the description of that latest Bittersweet fanart that she was giving Tess to me as a gift XD So I took that literally and drew her.. handing me Tess. I am squealing over the cuteness.

- Lily and I were meant to meet at Six Flags last wednesday, but that was an EPIC FAIL ";__;" One because my cell phone didn't wanna answer to anyone NOT on my contacts list.. and two because Lily typoed her number so I had the wrong number on my contacts list, making it impossible for her to call me. Wauughhh, that filled me with sadness. So I really did walk around with a blank page of my sketchbook with the writing "LILY!! Where are you? ;.;".. incase she was to see it. Marco and Evarion are there with me.. I made Marco look WAYY too cool than he really looks. Ugghh. Evarion is a pouts.. and Lily is there trying to call my cell and not working XD Pyoooo, SOMEDAY, LILY. SOMEDAY.

I also wasted $15 trying to win some HUUUUGE Sonic doll.. and I couldn't win it! I really wanted that doll, too.. oh-so bloody much.. and I saw a guy LEAVING WITH IT.. hence why I drew it in the background. What a series of unfortunate events!

- More friggin' Lilygasm. She drew Mike in an amusing outfit in the fanart.. so I decided to draw him wearing it XD With a bit of a.. tough guy look. Yeah. Daisy obviously buys it and totally fangasms over him.. Mike's not exactly that delighted over that result.. and Lucy just thinks he looks like an absolute dork XD

- I REALLY WANTED THAT SONIC DOLL. It was huge like XBox. Notice me all staring in aweeeee. And follow the arrow to see him fall on me. FALL ON ME WITH EPIC HUGE SONIC POWER gawd I wanted that doll.

- I was listening to "Come Clean" again.. and yeah XD Cuziwunnafeeldathundah.. and yeah. The thunder did come and FEEL ME UP QUITE WELL. Oh snap affair.


- The old series of Bittersweet had some Pokemon as pets ":-[" The three most notable was Jigglypuff, Togepi, and Togetic. Jigglypuff went to France, too.. and she came back with that hat-thingie.. and Evarion seems to really adore that fact hence why I drew him screaming that XD I love how Togepi turned out.. Togetic was drawn at the top of my head so she's probably totally incorrect.

- I thought the Jigglypuff before didn't turn out too well.. so I drew her again XD Also, Souppy says the hat looks like some chocolate drop.. and he's RIGHT. Oh well!.. also in the side-story, Lucy gets a chao. YES EMBARRASSING SO I DREW THE CHAO SHUTTUP.

- Gawd, more MikexSandy stuff. I'm drawing that pair a lot more.. because I feel if I wanna draw any romance Bittersweet drawings, it should be of those two. They're the most.. canon in a way. Obviously they had those feelings for eachother and didn't deny them.. so that puts them closer as a couple than anyone else. So yeah.. they're being all sweet.. but it turns out that Mike's just dreaming of it.. and that it isn't real anymore. He's sleeping under a tree reading "Romeo and Juliet" ":-[" And Lucy just sits on the other side, observing a little firefly. Aww.

- Carol originates from a little Christmas Caroling comic ([link]) .. and I haven't drawn her in her winter outfit in so long XD This is an altered version of it.. and seriously, I love this. Immensely. Carol came out PERFECT in this. Maybe it's because her eyes are so huge.. but this drawing just captures the childish charm of Carol that I was trying to remake again. I love her smile XD




Yes. Sorry XD Lately out of nowhere, I've gotten kind of sad.. it's probably just those feminine moodswings.. and this band of sketches served to vent it a bit.. I was feeling a bit down with the first drawing.. and that went away afterwards.. so I drew this mini-comic to get rid of the remainder.

There's just those times when you just feel really sad.. like you lost something important.. and cannot really cope with it and feel alone in terms of coping, but then when you stop and think about it, the support was there afterall.. in others. And I just really appreciate that.. so obviously I'm emoing around (sad girl in snow lololo).. when three people catch my attention.. three very important people. There's , , and .. I'm not saying they're the ONLY people that matter.. obviously this was meant to be a short comic.. but those three were the ones that came out. And Souppy just extends his arms for a hug.. and I run to get that support I wanted ":|"

So very very emo, but I really love you guys.. and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind gestures you guys have given me. I'm not emo anymore, though, don't worry XD But yeah.. just a way of thanks. I'll try to prove that appreciation soon enough, hopefully..

Oh, that Evarion and his Homestar cap.

- Miles offering Cream a ride XD Some of you are probably aware over how much of a MilesxCream fangirl I am.. I mean.. innocently, of course. I don't want them making out any time soon, believe me! They just seem like a cutesy little fairy-tale idea.

- Speaking of fangirlness, friggin' EvarionxCarbon FOREVER. Carbon is .. and it's just a running joke I have with them XD Carbon things EvarionxLillings.. and I tease back with EvarionxCarbon. So yeah.. Evarion is sharing pasta with.. a carbon. YES.

- Remember this guy? He's from the "Confrontation" comic ([link]).. and he's come back to GET WHAT THEY OWE.. and Mike is just trying really hard to appear like one of those epic RPG heroes that know exactly what to say and are immensely threatening.. and Lucy just thinks it's a painful waste of time.. and just goes and kicks his ass by herself XD Oh dears.

Yes, she set him on fire. Epic!

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