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Band of Sketches - Past Lives. by taeshilh Band of Sketches - Past Lives. by taeshilh
One of the main reasons why my mood has been cured, really. Sometimes I feel like embracing my past.. other times I feel like curling up and wanting to forget it out of embarrassment.. I've been feeling the former lately. I'll go over the five drawings you see here now! For those curious for more information. The last two are bloody confusing ":-[" Although for me it's like "Squeee!"

Oh snap they're each on a colored paper thingie.. Souppy played a bit with the colors.. since it woulda looked weird all combined.. hope that doesn't look tacky XD Anyway, here we goooo..!

1. Race to the Finish: This is the first drawing I made in my university book.. it started out with Mike just running.. and I wanted to add more. This drawing was a bit inspired by Darkspeed's "The Way We Sit" drawing.. where he has his Ashworth characters sitting around and their.. position reflects their personality. I sort of had that in mind when I was drawing this. Mike is just sort of merry and relaxed (Also this is his special skill.. he's the best runner), David is tagging along behind without even TRYING and humming along.. without realizing Lucy dashing from behind, wanting to beat Mike in a race ATLEAST once! Rivalry, you see.

Paulo is walking along, eagerly trying to get near Lucy.. while Abbey protests and whines at him.. and last is Daisy, who is the slowest runner, but still quite carefree and happy to be around people ":-[" She isn't one for competitions. Hence her cheerleading role.

Lucy came out the beeeeest in this. For serious. Paulo bugs me, and Abbey slightly does, but not as much. David looks oddly short.. and I adore Daisy. SEEMS THE FEMALES WERE DONE WELL THIS TIME. And Mike, but he's pretty girly in the first place. Nyah.

2. Talents: I tend to listen to music when I'm waiting for the bus to come in or the train.. and I sometimes like linking songs to scenes in my head. As I was daydreaming, I decided to pull out my University book and draw Lucy.. singing. Since singing is her born talent (Which unfortunately goes to waste for her, Lucy not wanting to share it).. but after I did that, I decided to draw a tree and remembered that Paulo is the best climber.. so I drew him hanging from it. That spawned to me drawing everyone else doing their own little "special skill"..

Mike and Blur are the speediest ones, Daisy is the smartest and Yashy's a prodigy so to speak, Abbey is secretly a great artist, and David is.. very good at thinking of obscure things. He could friggin' write a science fiction novel one day, mannnn.

In the old series, Chirpy was meant to become a bit of an artist.. hence why I drew her hanging by Abbey.. thinking about it again, though.. it's so WEIRD to say that since Chirpy has WINGS.


Thinking about it once more, LILY was meant to be a talented artist in the old series side story.. so I'm surprised I didn't draw Lily by Abbey. She's more sitting and being motherly.. probably telling Paulo that he might fall on his face if he keeps swinging recklessly.

3. Fireworks show: The cast of the revived Bittersweet series! This might serve as spoilers to those that are very observant, but otherwise this is just a cutesy little group picture. I'll leave you to point out who all the characters are XD I am happiest with how Daisy turned out.. and I tried to make fireworksssss.. hopefully that turned out okay. Oh, that Sandy. When are you not absolutely gorgeous. You're leaving Maishul all wide-mouthed lol

4. Old series: I've mentioned before that there was an old series before this new Bittersweet comic.. but I haven't really ever posted any old comics or shown any real traces of it.. so well.. I felt like drawing a bit of a "summary/collage" of the old series. You can definitely note a few differences, like Lucy sporting a necklace, Mike lacking his scarf, and Daisy wearing a dress. You can even see how my young self was obsessive with Pokemon so I included Pokemon in the old series. Togepi was a main one.. as well as the Jigglypuff from France. You can also see Sue on the top-left since Sue was originally meant to be the "Lucy".. she was the first female lead I've ever drawn.. and when I created Lucy, she pretty much took over.

lol i see chawaii wauughh kill me

You can also see some siblings! Which haven't appeared in the new Bittersweet. Next to Sandy (Who was NEVER important in the old series.. just a fond memory of Mike that he got over), you can see Lucy's older brother playing with a basketball. His name was Jordan XD See what I did there? I'm so lame. You can also see Haley to the side.. Mike's younger sister, arguing with the principal of the school.. who was pretty hated by everyone. She wasn't an octopus, though. I WANTED TO MAKE HER LOOK SEMI-EVIL. Although she wasn't. Just annoying.

Mike is holding Daisy's hand oh snap. He wanted to hit that back then.. some very huge differences from the new series! And speaking of siblings, you see Mike's youngest sister on the bottom, sporting a pacifier next to Chirpy. Her name was Cindy ;.; Squee. Yashy and Blur are having an epic battle, too. Oh that Yashy and your side story sunglasses.

Speaking of side story, that's what's on the top-right.. all of that is from the side-story which was.. a really complicated story I tried to do.. my first attempt at a serious comic. Needless to say, it's embarrassing.. but I tried to make it look pretty damn cool in it. I probably failed because the main villain in that comic was a blob in the first place! Hard to make a blob look dramatic! Nyarhar. You can see clooonneeesss in the background. Imposters.

Paulo was introduced in the side story.. meaning he was never an actual canon character to begin with! Funny how he's very important in the new series now. Sue stands next to him.. they were two "villain goons".. although Paulo turned out to be the less merciless of the two. lol sacrifices himself in the end

There was a huge plot about imposters trying to take over and Lucy was pretty much the main target so she had to try and destroy them.. and rescue the real ones who were captured ":-[" Needless to say, rather magical girl-ish.. so it's embarrassing.. so yeah. Paulo and Sue were the main "evil ones".. as well as Daisy, who you see in the back. The discovery of Daisy being an imposter was meant to be a plot twist considering it's unknown until wayyyyy into the series.. so yeah ":-[" You think she's one of the "normals" throughout most of it then LOL BACKSTAB.

Mike had to infiltrate at one point as a police officer with a duck hat ":-[" Yeah, he's there with Lily, who is a "guardian" so to speak. Lily knows what's going on and pretty much helps the good guys. So embarrassing to explain.

Also prototype of Amaya.. an adult nurse tabby. She was meant to be inspired by my cat Missy.. but when I made the Gaiden, I made the tabby into a little speechless girl and named her Amaya ":-[" And she became Sue's best friend.

The Mike and Lucy cuddled up drawing is meant to be a really "landmark" scene in the old series.. which leads me to my final drawing..

5. Over the Years: A collage completely dedicated to the "lives" Mike and Lucy went through.. from the old series up to the new Bittersweet series. You can see Sue again at the top-left.. who obviously gave the torch over to a really really tiny little cat girl. Yes, Lucy was originally meant to be that small. She was originally meant to be a miniature seven year old whereas Mike was like twelve. I changed the ages so they were closer later on. Mike was also really tall and.. yellow. With brown eyes. You see him picking on the little bitter Lucy. The old series Lucy is honestly so close to the newer Lucy.. so you can see her being a meanie in the first few pictures. Also, Mike was more of a "lovable idiot".. and used to be quite affectionate to Lucy.. submissive and stuff. LOL WACKY STUFF WOULD HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THAT. A mean girl and an idiot. THAT PLOT NEVER HAPPENED

You can see Sandy there.. who has always been part of the story.. although her impact on the old series was VERY little. Mike was sad when she left, but he never pursued anything more. Unlike the Bittersweet Mike.

Once again you see Mike holding a sleeping Lucy a little to the middle-top right.. and I mentioned before that that scene was the most.. landmarky scene in all of the old series ":-[" That comic was pretty much the first time he kind of.. expressed feelings lol. He was mumbling to himself and Lucy wakes up halfway through and overhears him being all "Wauughhh I wanna say I love heeeerrrr" and she's all ".. ;__;" and crap. MUSHY I KNOW. I was like twelve when I drew that. Shuttup.

Anyway, that resulted in lovvveeeeess and him giving Lucy that star necklace as a gift. They got together and saw epic fireworks. FUNNY HOW DIFFERENT IT IS TO THE NEW SERIES LOL enjoy your MikexSandy canon action. Lucy and Carter are meant to be anyway. He loves Lucy.

This collage also has scenes from the side story as well as the Gaiden.. what's the Gaiden? Well.. it's also known as the SUGOI-DESU-DESU-DESU-I-WANNA-DO-CLICHE-KAWAII-ANIME-STORY-DESU-WAII side comic ":-[" The Gaiden was quite serious business. Mike and Lucy go to some camping trip that is all cursed and crap.. by some really bitter angel girl.. and everyone thinks it's some old wives tale when it isn't and DRAMA HAPPENS LOL I was so wapanese at that stage. Lucy was a drama sobby crybaby and Mike was the bitter asshole with a HEART OF GOLD lol ":(" I hate the Gaiden. Although some scenes from it I liked.. it was just.. way too dramatic. FUNNY TO SAY THAT CONSIDERING FINAL FANTASY CAT LOL

Seriously, the Gaiden is worse. I kind of like the Gaiden's story, but the two main characters were just.. cookie-cutter. Like a Ryudo and Elena clone.

Which reminds me, the Gaiden's existence was actually because I wanted to have some funny Grandia II quotes.. hence why Lucy and Mike are so similar to Elena and Ryudo.. but the plot just went further and I wanted to finish it.. BUT IT REALLY SUCKS. No, really. It's embarrassing. wahh wahhh I'm Lucy I'm a perfect crybaby

Scenes from the Gaiden are the ones where Mike and Lucy are wearing clothes.. one being a sports uniform.. a second being a "carnival" uniform. The Gaiden took place in a camp.. hence the clothes Mike and Lucy are wearing at the top right. On the bottom-left is Lucy wearing a kimononononon lol and Mike wearing a robe since he was going through insomnia at the time and the paranoid nurse made him wear a fluffy robe so that he could fall asleep anywhere. Lucy wanted to match with him hence her choosing a kimono.

Yashy and Lily are at the bottom.. they were the most influence in the whole "lol Lucy and Mike are totally gonna bang eachother" joke circle. Obviously that's complete fail in the new series (Sandyyyyy!), but they were a pretty big impact on the old.

Lucy has a flower on her heaaaddd.. that was given to her on the fireworks night by Mike.. she got the necklace later. And speaking of the necklace, you see Lucy playing with three of her necklace designs in one scene.. the diamond one is when Mike and Daisy.. got together ":-[" (*Gasp!!!!*), the star she's holding in her hand is the gift she was given.. and the other star next to her is the side story necklace she receives near the end. Enjoy your fashion.

Aquaaaaaaaa. Aqua is the cat girl with the hair. Mike is seen trying to rescue her.. she was exclusive to the side story. She was taken away and Mike is trying to break her out of some class tube thingie ":-[" "78% COMPLETE" is to the side.. she was gonna be cloned or something SHUTTUP THIS IS EMBARRASSING TO TALK ABOUT. Imposteeers.

Lily was a good artist in the old series.. and she drew those two portraits of Mike and Lucy.. they were meant to be matching.. showing Lucy thinking thoughtfully to herself.. as well as Mike.. although you can see who is thinking sad thoughts and who is.. more at peace. Aqua-chaaaannnnnn. SHE IS WEARING FINAL FANTASY CAT'S OUTFIT. Kinda. She actually wore a cape, but you know.

The last two drawings are from the new series.. slight spoilers.. and you won't understand them unless you read one of my "future plans".. but that's all you have to know ":-["

In the middle are.. the two newest designs of Mike and Lucy.. scarf and ribbon.. showing their uncertainty.. so yeah. This was meant to be a look-back to all they've gone through together.. from funny and silly moments to serious business.

I really love all these drawings due to the nostalgia I feel.. also since this is the first time I looked back at the old comics in a.. positive light rather than a "lock it all away" light. I won't be posting the side story pages anytime soon, though "XD;" But you know.. this is their history. And why they're kinda special to me. My first ever characters.. given another chance in the present time.

Hopefully this new series turns out okay! It's already alright since I'm not TOO shy in showing it.. I used to never show the old series to anyone but my brother and old friend.. although some of the old comics are really amusing. I should revive some ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this back-in-time session ":-[" Pyo!
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Parasols Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm... bottom right Lucy looks like Mike gave her his scarf and put a band aid on her heart to 'fix' it? haha, just a guess
Noctiphobia19 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
I love the first comic and the way the sun looks. XD

Sun: Oh... this can't end well...... XD
chinodoll Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
in some way...Id have liked the previous comic (except for the final mikexsandy; lucyxcarter would be interesting but really sad)
Anglepie21 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Student Artist
Wow so....Lucy is with carter, Mike is with Sandy, and Paulo is with someone .. right...awwww ;{ poor...LUCY ..

---<3 <3 your comics.....
zaynman Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
I love the art btw
zaynman Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
In the blue one in the upper left corner, is that the cat that beat them up in the confrontation chapter? Also, in the red one, who is the girl to the right of Paulo; in the red and purple, who is the girl with the shoulder-length hair and poncho; in the purple in the upper right corner, who is the praying girl; and in the purple in the middle and upper middle, who is the girl with the flower on her head?
taeshilh Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional General Artist
If you read the commentary, I explain it.
Dracain824 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010
Awesome...Just awesome, every single on of these pages shows characters in such an amazing way. WOW. I can't think of anything else to say then just...WOW. (sorry if that wasn't the most helpful comment, but this is just so awesome, and I had to say that)
Blaster6868 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
wow... These are... and the backstory... and... You could draw like that when you were twelve!?... it's... just... WOW! Your characters have gone through a lot! All I can say is... Great work! You have an amazing comic with an astounding cast of characters. Keep up the good... Great work!
hokslol Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Student Digital Artist
wow that is true
Kitfox0430 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010
OH MAH GAWD This is awesome times ten to the power of awesome
Davey-the-6th-moon Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Student Writer
Wow, those stories are so...
It's always neat looking back on the epic stories of the past.
I know I have made many silly things like this myself!
Thanks for sharing!
HotTang Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
HAHAHA! oh man is my friend gonna freak with excitement when he sees the last pic. hes a total wuss and a LucyxMike up the ass person, he wont stop talking about them and when i told him to get over it because mike loves sandy, he wouldn't believe me....hes a JERK FACE.
applezaira Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
This is very awesome! I love your artwork, it always looks like you put time and care into each one!
SquirrelStar101 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010
omg love the last one
Cruchiecat Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
you should try redrawing he old series! Just for a bit of fun if your bored.
I'm not always for the corny 'Magical girl' plot (liar!) but it would show how far you've come with script writing! Pshhhaw, I just want to read some more bittersweet!
SonicHOLIC Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
nice kind of (past) live you have there
TeamHedge Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2007
......Wow...I'm speachless,sometimes you make me wish I could see the old stuff...I'm faving it cause of it's quality and other purposes.
el-hazard Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007
This is pretty interesting. Nice to see that there's little mini-verses of pasts, presents and futures and stuff. Maybe in the future there will be some kind of Bittersweet Crisis where now Mike is holding now Lucy and bawling and old Mike is holding old Daisy and crying. LOOOLL.

I personally think that the "compliation" elements kinda fails because the pictures aren't interlinked (like... the first one isn't connected to the second one, in some way). I think it would have been better to post all four as seperate pieces. But then, I guess, you wouldn't have as many comics. Hey ho.

And where's old Mike and old Lucy's ROUND-LICIOUS HEADS. It is needed.
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007  Professional General Artist
Their ears were actually REALLY POINTY in the past.. that was sort of what I was wanting to do. Round-licious ears became a trait near the end of the side story and throughout the Gaiden. So that was a trait developed later.

.. Although I wasn't COMPLETELY TRYING to stick to the styles in the past.. hence why they all look pretty "modern".. also when I drew this I wasn't looking at the books for references.. just out of memory. I drew these at university when I was waiting for the bus to come.

Yeah, I did think that they should be separate pieces, but I was urged to make them a collage.. also god five posts in one day nyahh ":-[" They were gonna start reeking of old if I was gonna wait a few days in terms of posting them.. so ehh. It's also something big to look at. I like making things big to look at. I do see a bit of a connection.. atleast with the last three images. A "group summary soup" of whatever series I wanted to focus on.
el-hazard Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
I meant their faces, actually. The old comics (but not the old old old comics or the old old comics, like the old comics of the current series) had very round cat heads.

Hehehehe, Gay-den.

NEXT TIME MAKE THEM SEPERATE DEVIANTS. Collages only really work if you make them blend nicely and stuff. And don't worry about multiple postings, it really isn't a big deal. In as much as big massive image walls aren't a big deal. :-[ NO ONE DIES WHEN IT HAPPENS. And besides, I like having a lot to look at. Especially since I cleared all my 1000 messages. Fill my box with arts.
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ahahaha, yeah.. the round cat heads look really horrible looking at them again. It's good they got more.. figure. Some even got some pointy little features.. like the little locks under Lucy's face.. they used to ALL LOOK THE SAME back then.. not that they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOW, but you know ":-[" They had really carbon-copy structures.

That Gaiden still needs to burn. Waughh.

I don't know.. a band of sketches is usually a good way to get a bunch of little sketches together.. I guess these were more pictures of themselves, but as I said before, I don't really like cluttering messages with crap ":-[" It's a big deal for me.. as in I don't like doing it.

Hey, you had a lot to look at without flashing to different windows! I understand what you mean, though.. I just don't think they were big enough to get a picture of their own. They were done in my university notebook, anyway.
el-hazard Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007
Yeah, kinda like how Matt and Bianca have different head sizes now. *hit for bringing his dumb anti-series into dis* Before they were all big balloon ruggerball headed freaks. Which was DUMB.

It's pictures like these that make me think you'd benefit from a tablet. For the colouring and what not. Does SuitCase own a tablet? And Macs are ideal for graphic design. I know you're MRS. MOUSE and all, but it may be worth consideration.
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2007  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I noticed that Matt developed a different head-shape and I thoroughly approve of it.. adds more to his character and stuff.

And Souppy got me a tablet already. I left my mouse back in America since my mother used it religiously.. so I've been forced to use it.. only a little bit, though. I've been using it to pchat with Lily.. so yeah ":-[" I miss my mouse.

Lily also got me this comic-making CD as a heartwarming gift.. hopefully I get an idea to use it.
el-hazard Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007
*comics = comments

writing is my special skill in the game of life
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
Great job! ... yeah, a late review, I know... You obviously put a lot of hard work into it.

In the first panel, though, I think the anatomy of the characters are somewhat odd. Daisy seems to be really small compared to the others. :D

I love everything else. The idea, the concept, the characters compressed in each panel without making it look dirty, I love it.

An instant fav! :D
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2007  Professional General Artist
Well, Daisy IS meant to be that short. Compared to people like Paulo, Abbey, and David. They're considerably taller than her.. so Daisy, Lucy, and Mike are shrimps. I can see a bit of wonkyness on Paulo and Abbey, though "XD;" Nyahh.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
*sniff* Oh no's! It's glazed over the 5 colours of the rainbow! ;_____; *SHOT SHOT SHOT* XXXD

Like I said in Sydney Gardens these drawings were a combination of masterpieces. I wish it would have been scanned in it's original colours but it's better than having nothing no? XX3 :D

Keep up the lovely BSCB series and uni studies! :hug: *chops your message bank in case it didn't work the first time* XD
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ahahah, Souppy suggested I put them in color to make it nicer-looking and more distinguishable XD Or else, they woulda probably blended together.. so aww. I'm sorry if you preferred them in original colors.. it was fun to play around with the colors XD

Thank you! ;.;
NekoPau Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Wowo!!!! really amwesome!! :3 love the red one ** u have so many charas!!! **
squishdiboo Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
I liek kittiz
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Professional General Artist
kittiz are so kool ^_^;

i liek dem too~~
oddguy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007
this came out really grate
actually thay gradualy get batter
with the first one being the worst
(...not in a bad way... useing the word
"worst" makes it sound like i dont like it,
and i do)
and the last being the best

maybe part of it is just
the more stuff there is
the nicer it looks to me... idonno

about the one with the "spoilers" for the
observent,i might have gotten some of it
(i pay attantion !... poink !)
but since i cant know i might just be
missreading it compleatly....

... to lazy to keep typing
so im glad your feeling well... end.
oddguy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007
ho,and love the multie colors.
Jallarial Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work. Good choice of colour and good shading/light effects and all that. Makes it look very cosy and cute.
Valejandra-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
theres nothing better than picking up a pencil and drawing anything u can think of <3
(for sketches those are so pretty!!!) i love the colors
Valejandra-Fox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
theres nothing better than picking up a pencil and drawing anything u can think of <3
(for sketches those are so pretty!!!)
Gulstab Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
OH SNAP! *dies*
This is soo.. DETAILED. ;__________;
Even if these are sketches, they are sooo well detailed. >.>;;! I can see why you wouldn't put as much in your comic, they're changing motions so much. WAUUUUUGH. ":-[".

Oh my. Paulo, Abbey and Daisy don't look like they're even running in the first picture. Sorry. *brick'd* BUT! It's still really awesome and shows their personalities.

Other than whining about my envy on your detail, I first thought after reading this to be "Talents" for David.. I was like.. THINKING. THINKING?! SINCE WHEN DOES HE THINK THAT SERIOUSLY? XDDD!

SO GOOD. ;_____;!! You literally put intense detail into everyone. Except Kizuna.. She's.. out there.. in jealousy. xD. You even have Final Fantasy Cat and McCain! :0! :glomp: But.. FFC looks lonely. D: Anyways! Is the sketchy less outlined person behind FFC possibly.. Roger? ;]

Not much to say on the last pictures except excellent work again! I didn't read series from too long ago, and I might not until I find the time one day as I've said before.. LOVE IT!
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Professional General Artist
Yeah. Paulo, Daisy, and Abbey aren't really meant to be running at all XD Paulo is kinda.. jogging a bit more since he's trying to stay behind Lucy.. and Daisy isn't even trying since she isn't competitive.. so you're right!

Ahahaha, I didn't mean thinking was David's talent XD It's more.. his broad imagination. He can make a scene out of anything.. and he acts quick on things.. even though he tends to be slow in thinking.. but when the thoughts ARE there, he can exaggerate and just.. make things ever-so-interesting around him. That's really all he's good at XD I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE. He's very athletic, but Mike kicks his ass at that.. so.

The guy behind Final Fantasy Cat isn't Roger XD Sorry!
Gulstab Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2007
*is right for once*
*Gets arguement ready* WELL, -- Oh.. I was right about something with taeshi. >.>;;

Well, let's see that Science Fiction Novel, eh? xDD.

Genesis-Orbit Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007   Photographer
I apologize in advance, I'm too darn tired to read that description, but I'm a fan of the drawings never the less ^_^

You didn't happen to throw david's sidekick into one of these did you lol? Keep up the good work taeshi :hug: You got a really nice touch to your drawings, the line quality is always excellent. You haven't tried digital painting have you?
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Professional General Artist
The only digital painting I do is oekaki XD That's really all, though.. I draw on paper pretty much all the time.

And sorry, Justin is nowhere to be found in this Band of Sketches ;.; My apologies! And you don't have to read the description.. it's just huge and useless information XD No sweat!
Genesis-Orbit Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007   Photographer
Oh that's ok :aww: Lol, I get mad when people don't read my descriptions because they try to give me constructive criticism by saying, it'd be better if you got rid of that part and I'm like, uhhh, that kind of destroys the meaning, try reading the description! Oh well, what are you gonna do lol. Hey you get my note? Sorry if I seem like I'm constantly pressuring you for it lol, I'm probably creeping you out by now xD
ranma89 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
o sooo good...*faves*

i wanna turn the last one into a wallpaper X3
crow-black Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
Benjurafu Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
This is a lot of bang for the buck drawing wise!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :3
Asho Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007

But after EBA's episode 15, it's not that hard to do.

:+fav: for the nostalgia feeling it manages to give off even for people unfamiliar with the series.
vertMB Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007   Filmographer
I really like the purple one because the center drawing has thicker lines around it and it's darker which makes it stand out more and it's all totally epic like (espeicially with the serious expression) and also it reminds me of something a teacher was trying to teach me once, although I don't really ever do it.
I really love all the moody mike pics, you know where his face is all >[ especially the protective one near the top right of the purple sheet.
(I just saw someone's comment about some wearing clothes and some not, that sorta means that the ones not wearing clothes are like nudeys)

I love all the tiny doodles that you sneak in there, I like the fact that they're all on different coloured pieces of paper too. ^^
The only thing I would say is that on the first two panels you can't see the holes in the paper but in the other three you can, I would suggest either attempt to remove them or leave them in as opposed to doing some but not others, but that's not really a critism for you so I suppose it doesn't really count. ^^;

Anyway I really like this, great work. ^^
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007  Professional General Artist
I actually wanted to keep all the holes for consistency, but Souppy wanted to get rid of as many holes as possible.. and some holes were pretty nailed in the drawing so it would be pretty impossible to get rid of them without making a huge smudge.. so you're right that it's weird some have holes and some don't, but it was more of a compromise to Souppy XD


TwilightThorn Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
yow, so much to comment, so little time.

I'll just make it easier on both of us and say that the last one is my fave, simple as that. I'd pay to get that as my desktop, seriously. :heart:

gahh, I remember when I used to make the effort to make whole pics on my school stuff, they always for some reason come out better than my intentional art half the time,... but I stopped since it was well, on school stuff and I couldn't salvage them w/o destroying it. ;.;
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