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Field Day. by taeshilh Field Day. by taeshilh
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I was pretty damn proud of this when I made it ":-[" I mean.. I don't think it's fantastic in terms of LOL ART (Because it isn't and it's sloppy and I can draw better), but I just feel it was an overall amusing installment and I feel I worked well with the fancharacter that gave to me, the character Kizuna. Field Day was meant to have her in it a lot.. like an experiment.. and I feel it turned out well in the end XD With competition and furies to go along with it.

So yeah.. I hope this is amusing enough! I don't really know what more I can say.. only that David is growing and he hasn't beaten Paulo's height as of now.. BUT HE WILL. So yeah.. there will be accuracies in this damn comic. Although it's meant to be silly rubbishness.

Anyhoo.. something more serious will be posted monday, then amusement on Wednesday, and then there will be a landmark on Friday.. which would be Michael's birthday ":-[" YES THEY HAVE AGES. And they will age.. that's what they did in the old series. I have plenty of the birth dates intact, too.. like I know Lucy's, Yashy's, Chirpy's, and Lily's at the top of my head. Yeah. SO THAT'S THE SCORE FOR NOW. Sorry, more Bittersweet Candy Bowl ":-["

Lolz copy and paste disclaimer: Oh, yeah.. I know. They're in lined paper and I'm sure that's not easy on the eyes. It's because as I said, these are meant to be quickies.. and I rather use clean, nice, white paper on things I will actually put effort on XD So my cat comics will always be on lined paper unless I run out of lined paper. Their purpose is more to amuse. Besides, they've ALWAYS been on lined paper.. all my old comics. So it's a bit nostalgic, you know? Sorry if that hurts anyone's eyes because I'm sure people want my art polished XD I hope that it's entertaining nonetheless! Thank you for understanding!
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Evang-y Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006   Photographer
Oh that Michael. He loves to be a total competitive jerk. THAT DOESN'T GET HIM ANY KISSES. the cats have eye beams now. This story is the best thing I have ever seen. ...And it took me a minute to realize Kizuna was wearing headphones around her neck. It looked like...*cough* suction cups. 7_7 Then it looked like a jacket. SUCH GARISH STYLE. Poor her and her impressive ovaries though. I'll take David's word, he's like, an ovary connisseur. I giggled at his volleyball line. Man, that rabbit guy's mustache is awesome.

Yashy and--is that Blur or Chirpy I can't tell I think it's Chirpy though yeah definitely Chirpy, it's cute how they're just toddling along. D: David playing golf with a football is the best thing I've seen all week. And it's Friday. I also lolled at Paulo and Lucy. I am such a teenager.

Oh that Kizuna, getting arrow'd in the eye. Let's hope she doesn't get a ninja star in there. ...or hit it on a rock. I love that turtle's expression, by the way.

That last panel is so awesome. That scene where he's all "You'd make a good pirate!" and she's all "yeah I would. Teehee. Arrrrr." in an awkward fashion seems something ripped straight from 8TH GRADER DRAMA or at least Degrassi. Ohohoh will they be entering High School soon just like me lol :-[ I liked his joke about not needing a yearbook. Teehee.

This was your best one in the history of forever.
taeshilh Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Professional General Artist
They BOTH love being competitive jerks with eachother ">:O" AND THE COACH ISN'T A RABBIT, he's a dog! He just has those little top-ears.. if he were a rabbit, he would have wayyy longer ears or something.. but there are some dogs with ear-shapes like that.

That's actually Blur XD Chirpy is smaller and has a long floof of tail.. Blur has pretty much the same body-shape as Yashy.. so yeah.. and he's also pretty much her size.

And yeah, it's funny that they're pretty much following your age XD Michael's gonna turn fourteen soon, ohmies. BUT THANK YOU. You are a kind Evarion.
Danithecat Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
Paulo is like, le win in this one comic xD
PanPanMomo Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
I love you. I mean, seriously. I was way depressed when I started reading this thing, and by the time I got to the end, I didn't feel so bad any more. :hug: Thank you!!!
EchoWing Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Times like this I'm reminded of why I hate sports.

That said, that was entertaining.
085638 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
It was long, but I didn't realize how long it was until I was finished. (That's a good thing)
HojoMcOjo Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
:XD: That was so great! I wish I could pick out my fave part, but it was all soooo good -w- :clap:
Sixala Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ow my god iīm happy that i put the glas away befor read this XD this is so awesome!! liek ever XD i canīt stop laughing XD
rain-rosseta Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
so awsome keep the comics coming!
hypermegatailsfan Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Longest,but perhaps best,one yet! So many laughs,my jaw hurt...the overall use of Kizuna was quite fun, even when she got all mangled and bloody XD I could never stop reading these,you are the master of laughter.
Megzxx Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
You've introduced another charrie! Nice! Good as always.... I'm really loving these cat series. <3 (I've even been doodling Mike and Lucy. XD)
ShinokaMyuh Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
Haha! Omigod this is so funny! XDD When I saw this in my devwatch my heart started to beat so fastly, and it still it! You've master Kizuna's klutziness so wonderfully I laughed my head, especially the part where David accidently shots the arrow through her head XD.

Aw, but that was so sweet at the end. ..'You really smell like dirt.' XD Anyways, I love this comic sooo much. :+favlove:
oddguy Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
Yay !
david comic !
my dream has come true.
Carmen-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
Man, Kizuna is adorable.
-dies- You made me spew milk XD;. That is the best quote ever.

Great job as usual! Looking forward to the next :)!
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