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October 16, 2005
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Instant Fame: Laina's Story. by taeshilh Instant Fame: Laina's Story. by taeshilh
Edit! (21/9/08): There was a huge makeover to the writing part of this deviation courtesy of Souppy. I decided to randomly visit this again (After seeing like two other parody deviations done months after this, hahahah!) and just gagged at some obvious spelling errors.. so Souppy changed it and changed the dialogue "XD;"

If only the art could be changed. If I had it my way I would completely redraw the panels, the proportions are ridiculous. I've improved loads, I can safely say that ";__;" Urghhh, so bad Laina with wobbly clunky hands.

Sorry for those that got notified, Souppy edited the spelling errors and wanted his work to be shown.. I only pointed out like two mistakes, but he was merciless "XD;"



See? The UNSU Halloween comics are obviously done well over two years ago ;.; I still have some developing talent now! See? This is a new work! *Hit*

Anyway.. FINALLY THIS BASTARD LOADS. Honestly. DAland was like lag city earlier and it didn't want me doing SQUAT.. and when I was FINALLY in the third step, there was some megapixel drama.. so yeah. Souppy ended up coming to the rescue and making the image smaller. I hope it's still very readable! He's honestly a life-saver. Online boyfriends pay off big time because they're so smart ":|" *Hit*

Anyway.. I honestly had a while to wonder about where the heck this deviation was gonna fit in ":|" I was thinking "Devious Fun" because it pertains to DAland, but there is Sonic and Miles and characters and that isn't really being allowed XD So I don't know.. I was also thinking of a tutorial, but it's more of me telling Laina what to do rather than.. I don't know. You tell me where it's meant to fit and I'll be glad to change it. It seems more of a comic anyway.. sooooo.. yeah.

Anyway.. this was inspired after Souppy showed me for the third time a Daily Deviation that had breasts showing XD I mean.. the lighting tends to be fine, but honestly.. is that kinda.. needed. I saw one where the woman's breasts were showing for no reason whatsoever. It was actually meant to be for something else.. but still XD So ridiculous.

So yeah.. please don't take offense to this. I'm obviously exaggerating everything and I didn't wanna SINGLE OUT anyone or anything! I hope your heart doesn't bleed over this ":|" So yeah.. I kinda tried to tease everyone so nobody would be all "OMG ATTACK US ONLY DON'T YOU".. the anime fangirls, the fanart lunatics, the furries, the ones leaping into "politics" despite not knowing heads or tails of it since the majority supports something, the ones that emo out and leave DAland for attention, the ones who DON'T WANT STEAL OMGGGGGGGGKDSHFTKRDHG, the really touchy and sensitive ones about criticism, and the cynics who drool over breast shots because it's "artistic". Yoosshh.

So yeah.. as I said, I honestly am not meaning to START A REVOLUTION or anything. I can just be a smartass sometimes "XD;" I adore this community, though.. but c'mon. We all gotta pick on eachother sometime. Hell, I think I was quite a Laina back then. I used to just draw fanart.. and for a while when I noticed people adoring my Sonic comics, I drew more Sonic comics.. but I then started drawing other things and I only draw Sonic comics now if I HAVE the idea.. not for the sake of drawing them. So yeah.. I can kinda see myself in that silly little attention whore XD

So as I said, no hard feelings for anyone. It's meant to amuse and I really hope I was able to pull that off. Enjoy! Torches down, people ;.;

Editing bits!: One thing.. if this should be matured, tell me and I'll do it. I see some words, but I don't think it's horrifically offensive.. and Laina's body is being covered by things in that photograph-mockery.

And another thing.. sorry to Bleedman if you see this and you're annoyed that I mention you or something. Honestly, it wasn't meant to make fun of you at all and I really hope I didn't seem like I targeted you just because I put your name XD I was thinking of who would be a good candidate for someone popular that Laina would swoon over.. and Bleedman has his excellent comics.. so yeah. I'm not saying "AHAHAH YOU SUCK" or anything.. I just needed to pick a random deviant that was popular and the arrow pointed to you XD I think your comics are great so it's nothing anger-filled at you in the least! So yeah.. I'm not categorizing you with Laina or anything.

Now that everything is cleared up, enjoy the show!

EDIT! (10/17/05): I deeply apologize for having this drawing pop up in your messages again, for those who watch me ^.^; Thing is that I realized I made a really embarrassing typo and it took me a long time to just.. find out about it. One guy pointed it out, but I was puzzled over what he meant.. and then Souppy told me to take a closer look at the image.. and I saw my idiocy XD

Yeah.. instead of "Popularity", I had "Population".. so that awfully retarded of me and I'm sorry XD I edited it now, though.. so it makes more sense! Again, apologies! Enjoy!

And gawd, I didn't expect this much praise "O___O;" And a Daily Deviation to boot. Thank you so much, everyone! I feel really bad now because I'll just return to Undecided Surprise on Friday XD Gahahaha.. I feel inspired, though.. so maybe I'll draw some goodies in the future. I need to draw up the commissions I have first, though! If anyone wants a commission, just look at my journal ;.; IT WILL HELP THE CAUSE KAY.

But yeah.. wow.. thank you thank you thank you "O_O;" I don't deserve it.

EDIT!: I am SO sorry for doing this again, please. Really, I am. I found out yet another more grave mistake in the drawing and having this as a Daily Deviation is making me feel more picky XD So I'm trying to make this worth it.. and yeah. This was actually a mistake in one of the drawings. I edited and fixed it, though.. I'm not saying what it is because I don't really wanna remember it now XD One person will probably notice it, though (Six six six!)

So yeah.. sorry again. Souppy helped me fix it so yeah.. I don't know if anyone will notice XD And he also fixed some typographical errors.. like the "indivisual".. so that's for the pedantic spelling people! Enjoy!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-10-18
A clever little comic that was brought to my attention that pokes fun at our culture here on DeviantART. With Instant Fame: Laina's Story. cartoonist *taeshilh cleverly and quite hilariously spins the epic tale of a fictitious Deviant who rises to the heights of superficial popularity. So lets take a minute to laugh at ourselves! ( Suggested by Elbot-Wolfcat and Featured by MPsai )
NekoWaity Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is very funny x,D
metalsageofarnor Featured By Owner Edited Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, the sarcasm riddled in this is funny as hell. XD
Sabrina5050 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so damn true finally someone that understands ;u;
Stashiger Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
espegirl12 Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You little genius!
misslaina4634 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
THAT. IS. MY. NAME!!!! It makes me happy, even though it kinda feels like I'm being made fun of -w-
LlamaDoodle Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
A cute and funny parody, though it's a little ironic.
Spinda-Der-Stahl Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This. Is. Totally. Awesome. XD.
fanofsonic97 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a relly great story. Bravo:clap:, bravo:clap:!
Chereaux Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So sad, yet so true. Well written. n.n
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