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Love My Way. by taeshilh Love My Way. by taeshilh
ENTER DRAMA RIGHT HERE -----> [link] This is chapter 55!

Sorry for bolding it, I'm sure that's really obnoxious.. but obviously the comic isn't in full showing on DAland.. also the comic is 22 pages long.

Yes. Twenty-two pages. So I really hope that people see it. I worked so very hard to make this look tolerable, too.. I mean.. scan-wise, it's kind of a fail and there's still LOL NON-PROPER PANELS gridlines lillings and all that stuff, but this was not only lengthy, but really difficult to pull through due to the events that happen.. so yeah.

How I managed to get from four pages to twenty-two pages is beyond me. I know quality beats quantity.. but man did I try with this. I really did.. Souppy even reviewed it and MANY scenes were revised.. so yeah.

My hands are tired. And I really hope that this was absolutely worth the wait. This is the arc finale! Up next will be the end of 9th grade! It all boiled down to this. So yeah.. enjoy the REALLY HUGE update.. or enjoy David making a very clever (Although inaccurate) FLCL reference.

The latter would be better for you, I'm sure.


Also.. I swear.. if anyone is all "Wow, this comic sure was long!" or "wow, I can't read it it's so long!," I am braining you in the teeth. This is gonna sound very DOUCHEBAG-ish of me, but I honestly tried with this comic. It's obvious it's long.. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't read through it, but please give consideration before making such a "No duh, Sherlock," statement. It's kind of frustrating. Especially after dealing with my scanner crapping out on me and taking so long making this comic tolerable.. especially due to the guilt of being overdue and dodging notes in fear people might think I was procrastinating.

Sorry.. that's just a pet peeve of mine ";___;" You can grill my comic all you like, but seriously.. nothing bugs me more than a "WOW THAT SURE WAS LONG" comment. You can even say "Nice!" or "Crap!".. that doesn't frustrate me as much. Stopping or being all "I'LL READ IT LATER" is just.. arghh.

Wahhhh ranting Lillings. PLEASE I HOPE THIS COMIC WAS OKAY god I tried to hard wahh ";__;" THERE ARE PROPER PANELS HIDDEN THERE. Yeah.


Edit!: A lot of grub from the scanner has been cleared away through the power of Photoshop! So I'm terribly sorry if you saw the pages before that quick fixing.. Souppy has been fixing the pages all night, but I forgot to nag him about hunting for squiggly crap... so yeah. I'll keep plowing through for more junk.. but sorry if you saw it!

Also yeah, the bottom few panels on some pages are in TERRIBLE quality. It was hard to fix it.. and I'm sorry about that. Scanner-wise, this comic is a mess.. and I deeply apologize over that.

Just keep staring at Bunny David and everything will get better.


Bunny David.
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Sonic-Teen Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
yay flcl reference :meow:
Huski-Fan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
etoca520 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009
Dude i love that Dog wish i could draw like this... anyways AWESOME COMIC!!!!
SonicHOLIC Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009
WHAT????? $20 JUST FOR 100% PLASTIC????
SonicHOLIC Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008
My Favorite page....
Kimiko-and-Vici-fans Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007
:XD: The dog riding on the guitar reminds me of FLCL xD But nice comic you have i like it. :)
HojoMcOjo Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Wow man! Amazing! I definately love page 4, every panel is BEAUTIFUL (mostly the huge group ones). Lol there's so much angst in it it's awesome :D Great story! But when did Paulo become such a crybaby? I notice a lot of "quick-to-tears" in this one for him, I always thought he was tougher than that. But I guess he's becoming more sensitive :aww:

Daisy can be so sneaky though, oh snap! Tunnel of Love and then the fireworks? Luckily Mike's a smart cookie and won't fall for that aww.
Panel 10, Page 15 scares me on the inside :(
FINAL FANTASY CAAAAT!!! *0* I don't care if he's a jerk! I'm still his fangirl LOL!!!!

THEN ABBEY SHOWS UP!!! Oh man, it is just so crazy...Poor Abbey :( But i like the ending, it wrapped up, bittersweet (OH I GET IT!!)

I love Abbey and Daisy ^w^
I love this comic
I love your work!!!
sonic-angel Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007
I love page 10. You did such a good job on it. The way you display the emotion in Paulo is amazing D: And and...oh, panel three on page twenty-two was like....pyo! Abbey looked all heroic and protective >.< Dang I love this comic! I dun want it to end! XD It was also really cool how you put in so much shading cuz it just made it so much better for so much quality in the finale. And the ending was indeed, bittersweet. :nod:
thevampiricfox Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007
This was really well done! :> You're a fantasic writer, and I loved the paneled pages. X3

I really hope you keep up this great work! ^.^
Pawlaczun Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
YinYang-san - "and... and... I don't get the 'green eyes' thing..."

hmmm... in earlier comics Lucy complied Daisy before green-eyed, because... so just from some reason... but one way or the other this moment, when Daisy threw him like old socks, was simply weak... suddenly she remembered something about eyes and suddenly threw him ?! it is absurd and illogical also !! (Now I'm talking as old Britisher -.-′;)
Jazukai Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, the quote-type ending i thought was pretty good, i can somewhat relate so it was interesting.
I read the whoooole thing ^-^
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
Oh yeah, Abbey looks so nude standing near Daisy and FFCat who really had well-drawn clothes! xD;;

and... and... I don't get the 'green eyes' thing... :(
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
Some would, some wouldn't~ One person actually gave a spot-on theory recently.. but as I said in the commentary at the website, don't worry. It'll all recover soon enough.

The real way to figure it out is by looking at older comics, preferably a certain one, but obviously just plain saying it would ruin the fun, huh?
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
You're actually enjoying making me suffer like this :(
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
;.; Sorry to CONFRONT you with the bitter truth.

oddguy Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
that was dramariffic
and depress-o-licious !

it took me a while till i could read it
and then i was bussy and couldent comment
im really sleepy right now so i wanted to put this off till tommorow
but i cant help it

so,first of all,as i said
vary dramatic
but you also compleatly surpassed yourself in the drawing department
this one was drawn even better
then "Epic Exhausting Adventure" and "Feline Festivities"
which untill now where your best i think in drawing turms
and that leads me back to my first point,the drama
it was VARY emo-ish but on the other hand tolerable
unlike,for example,"confrentation" or "sream flashbacks"
,that where so emo that i actually had to stop and take
a brake befor i could continue.
i think that that was becuse of the drawing,really
by useing the drawing to create the drama,rather
then verbaliseing everything,you where able to have
drama without it feeling like its to much
like when thair sitting watching the fireworks.
it was genius of you to leave that without the text
it was vary cinematic and i think anything you might
have wrriten would just be... you know...

and on the same subject
the fireworks part... was that in fact the third or fourth
part of that colourfull picure you submitted a while ago ?
and was FFcat the same cat from "confrentation" ?!
it took me a bit to figure that out... was it him ?!
(too bad david wasent with them then... he would have
whooped dat gais aius wid iz tol azz self ! yayo !)
that would explain why he was in that picture
when i noticed him i thought he was just coming back
and i asuumed he had somthing to do with the FFcat
but now him being all faded into FFcat makes sense
plus him writing things down go's with him saying he's
a professional and would go with his original M.O

you really throw me a curb with that
i was totaly not seeing that happening
i think it's the first time i ever had you figured wrong
and didnt see what you where going to do in advance
well... this,and i also thought you wouldent finish this so early...
i was betting it would take you at least two more weeks !
so cudos to you for actualy finishing this epic on time !
(and yes,that is grammatically correct.)
so... i guess... sorry for doubting you ! ^^;

and now........................ on a more personal level
(I.E what my opinion on the plot is...)
the world is wrong !
1- poor paulo... for a tuogh guy he shure dose cry alot...
but he had this comming... he so deserves bad things...
awww !! ... but i still cant help at feel sorry for him...
and tess had all this awkwardness comming
by leading him on all the time...
poor guy... poor horibble,stupid,self absorbed guy...
MAN I HATE HIM ! i was amazed at how it took him
3 seconds to totaly forget what daisy just said to him !
(page 1 panals 6-9)
he better apologise to daisy by the next chapter or SOMTHING !
or i swear he is dead to me
and i hope daisy dosent excpt his apology either...
2-which brings me to daisy !
WHAT A SLUT ! ho my goooood !
i miss good daisy...
the one that dosent dress like a slut...
or sexsualy haress taken guys...
or shows her underwhere in public...
or dates roughknec's whom's name she didnt even know...
you know... good daisy...
"i dont think she has a vgina" daisy...
as apossed to "paris hilton" daisy
3-and i cant belive he pushed her down !
mike !!!
that is wrong... worng... wrong...
4-and lastly... it would kind of feel wrong if paulo and
daisy hooked up NOW... itd be like
paulo:"well... i just got dumped by the love of my life...
but suddenly daiiiiiisy is starting to look good..."
(or vica versa)

(im not going to comment on abby and tess cuz...
well... i dont give about them.)

so in short everything was great
youv done a really good job on this

and im SOOOO sorry for leaving such a log comment
i saw all the long comments on this and was like:
"i am NOT ! going to longcomment lilh !"
cuz i felt bad for you having to read AND comment back
to all of these,with you being bussy and all
and even if not,this is still quit a job.

but i couldent help myself....
dont feel obligated to answer me !
if you dont have the energy for it,you dont have to !
just acknowledge you'v read it and that would be enogh
for me !
it's really o.k

again ! great job !
(or as i usually describe things:
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
Haha, hear hear. I really was aiming to make this comic join the league of "awesome comics art-wise".. since it had the potential to turn out amazing. I only feel disappointed because the scanner really messed up a lot of the scenes.. but yeah ";__;" I'm glad you liked the comic art-wise!

The funny thing is that with "Confrontation" and "Steam Flashback," I would totally redo them if I were to restart the series again in better quality. Seriously, Confrontation could be done in a much better fashion.. I'd probably slice away half the dialogue.. but end up extending scenes like the fights and stuff. Since it ended way too abruptly for its own good. And as for Stream Flashback, just the dialogue after the saving. That was pretty damn melodramatic for them being children.

Yeah.. it's not that I like shoving in dialogue.. it's just I put in dialogue if I feel it's needed, but I sometimes write too much.. so yeah XD That fireworks scene was completely intended to lack dialogue, wasn't a chore for me at all. Sometimes it's best just not to have them say anything.. and I hope that was able to work.

Final Fantasy Cat isn't the same guy as the one from Confrontation, they look considerably more different.. but let's just say you're on the ball with that.. and I'm pretty sure you'll be in for a lovely clear with the next comic XD Nyahhh, you really are a smart one! And don't worry about doubting me, seriously. It's cool.. I'm surprised I finished it at the time I did! I assumed I was gonna last a week more working on this monster.

1. Paulo only cried at the end of that scene! And those were more crocodile tears than anything XD Like he didn't really bawl.. more sulk or look frustrated with tears and stuff. Why do you dislike him so much anyway? Paulo has kind of always been a jerk "XDDD" Not saying I disapprove, I'm just curious! He was wayyyy worse in the past!

3. Poor Mike XD That was kind of far for him to do.. but you can tell he was really pissed since Daisy was pulling that stunt each chance she got throughout their whole "date".. you sometimes put your foot down.. and unfortunately, Mike just wanted to get away.

Ahahahah, you don't care about Abbey and Tess? XD Aww.. I guess you should feel relieved since Tess' arc pretty much ends the next comic for good.. Abbey, on the other hand.. I'm sure you're gonna take several breaks reading HIS story. *Hit*

And I could honestly care less about long comments! I LOVE long comments! No, seriously, I do.. I love hearing about all the person has to say about the crap I draw and stuff ";___;" It's nice getting detailed feedback.. so you're honestly doing something really awesome for me.. like taking the time to make something so lengthy. I feel like the undeserving one around here!
oddguy Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
well,it was visualy stuning
the scanner didnt mess it up that much

and i wouldent change the post-save talk
in "Steam Flashback",thay are just kids
so that was a bit ovarlt dramatic
but other then that it was wonderfull
vary touching

so... that guy is not confrontation cat ?
o.k... i know it has somthing to do with him
cuz of the daisy flashback and him mentioning
green eyes like confrontation cat did in... confrontation...
so he was either there or herd about it...
when i saw the scar and the way daisy reacted to it
i thought FFcat was confrontation cat...
but the scar wasnt the same so that struck me as odd
could it be that confrontation cat is the brother
that FFcat mentiond in “Carry On” ?
but that dosent explain the scar... thay arent genetic or anything...
nither is his obsesion with following people around and reserching them...
so them being brother would have nothing to do with it...
i bet im missing somthing importent so that i cant get it...
what am i missing here ?!

and i dislike paulo now cuz of the sucky friend he is to daisy
i love daisy ! shes so sweet and inocent !
well... she WAS... now ? now shes kind of a slut
but still !
in the past it was o.k
horny and obnoxios where just his charecter
i could deal with that cuz that was the hole point to him
but ignoring daisy for THIS long ?!
and with her getting worst by the minute ??
and it has been a while... it officaly started at “A New Leaf”...
so daisy has been like this for long long long
so thats why i hate paulo right now
ever since thay came back after easter break and he had totaly forgotten what happend
that was the straw that broke the camls back
ever since i stand firmly under the belife that paulo totaly sucks

i am probably gonna get bored at the abby story...
like... i basicly figured it out
dady abe=abusiv father
abe jr. and girl abe jr. go to foster home
lil abe has post trumatic sterss dishorder and is a violent loon
easy !

and still... sorry for longcommenting you
you have things to do so im glad its not too much of a bother for you
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ahahah, aww ":-[" Yeah, Paulo has sorta been on the same boat as Mike in terms of the distraction meter. But at least Mike has now sorta realized it. Nyoho.

Ahahaha, you are quite an observant person when it comes to the Abbey theory XD I'm kind of surprised that there are still many puzzled over what happened.. but yeah. It'll just be one more chapter after the next and everything will be fine~~ So.. yeah ;.; Hopefully obviousness doesn't bore you TOO much!

And it's not a problem XD As I said before, I like long comments. I don't always respond to them, but I definitely read them.
Bakurakrazie Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Aww, I thought I woulda been the first to notice McCain. D: I FAILS!

But I do appear to be the only person to say this: TESS' '*snerk*' ROCKS OUT LOUD SO MUCH! :XD: zomg, it's awesome.

YAY! END OF DAISY BEING A SLUTTY WHORE ARC! :3 . . . Well, not literally. ^^; But yeah. YAY ABBEY!LOVE! And since Final Fantasy Cat's name's been replaced by Daisy, apparently, Daisy's totally Tifa Lockheart. Why? SHE'S GOT BIG B00BS.

ZOMG PAULO/TESS! ;_; I love that coupling and . . . SJKDFHKLSDFGLKSADJFHLJSDG you made it work, but it's still sad and all sad. . . . :XD: Hey, I accidentally wrote Sad in that hitting random keys thing.

Mike was kinda jerk-ish, but still . . . at least Final Fant- I MEAN MATT ENGARDE- is gone. u.u Poo on him.

Too bad this comic was short. *shot* XD You said you didn't want people saying it was too LONG. o.o Speaking of which, if I had done this, my hand would have fallen off.

I actually really liked a lot of the detail, and the dressies panel was really good. And I liked the thing with outside of the panel limo. That was cool. ^_^ YAAAAAY!
Soniccouplesfan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007's,Oh my god I couldn't describe how dramatic the whole comic was... I'm going to fave this definitely! I couldn't believe you made such a great comic,you should keep things like this up! Keep drawing...
Liveandlearn1 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
ill red it ltr*BRICKED*

no jk jk XDDD

I seriously did love reading this! Everything was planned out so well it really did have a flow. Each picture had a lot of detail, and I really did like the backgrounds and expressions :D There was alot of drama to take in, but it made it more interesting. XD I was like spazzing cause my computer wouldn't load one of the pages for almost an hour, so I was at a cliff hanger XDD
Anyway, Alot of work was put intotheese, and it was definetly worth it!!
Arekusenpai Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to this next installment. I'll be posting again once I've read Chapter 55. :-)
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007  Professional General Artist
*Blinks* Haha. S'cool, s'cool.
Arekusenpai Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Okay, I've read it now and kind of spammed your page (:apologizes:). But ......words.......yeah I believe that I'm speechless. And speechless in a good way. Honestly I have been looking for this comic since Chapter 54 came out. And today just out of luck I was just checking out to look for updates and this made my day.

The artwork was superb and honestly it was very well written and drawn. And everything in the storyline fit together flawlessly. I really don't know what you will have happen with Paulo and Tess, or Daisy and Mike for that matter. The way that I'm seeing it is that now Mike feels bad about being so rough on Daisy, but he knows it was necessary. And either Mike's relationship with Sandy with become something more solid or it will be over and Mike will be shattered (be good for drama material). And as you mentioned before in some of your past posts you've got quite the adventure ready for everyone this summer.

Keep up the excellent work, I know I'll be coming back to read more of your work.
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Wow, you really outdid yourself with this one. There's even proper panels (not that I didn't like 'improper' panels, but you know 8D;;)! <3 I'm so happy right now, I swear I could've melted on my chair, so much drama was present.

Wah, poor Paulo, poor Tess, poor Daisy, poor cute bunny-eared ABBEY~! Abbey had his ears plopped upwards. I haven't seen that in a while. Last time I saw it was in 'Humble Introduction', I think.

Oh, how much I loved FFCat in this! ;__; Praise him, everyone! PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAISE HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM! I felt my heart melt when Daisy dissed him. Then again, he deserved it!

The thing that made me love this comic even more was the hugging scene between Daisy and Abbey. SEE?! THEY ACTUALLY LOVE EACH OTHER! THEY ARE MEANT TO BEEEE!

David in the preview was... unpredictable. At first glance, as a thumbnail, I thought it was a new character. But then, when I actually saw the full-view image, I was... speechless... 8o;;

Aww... you and Souppy are a really sweet couple! :) He fixed the pages for you--he even stayed up all night for it! <3 He loves you too dearly, I'm touched! A few years from now, he'll be proposing to you, aww... :3 *love sap*

I SAW JUSTIN! D':< My gosh, I love you! ;_____;
suitcase Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
I even wrote the ending, grr! How much love can there be in this relationship when Veronica gives me no credit for that?
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SOUPPY THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME ENDING I did say that it was completely rewritten in the webpage, but I guess you're right that I didn't hump your leg enough about it.






Now keep eating my Doritos, douche.
Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
A mistress with a soft side is what you are better known as now? xDD
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
She... uh... just wanted to tease you 8D;;
Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Apparently enough to make it a spectacular one? 8D;;
YinYang-san Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
how I hate that winking smiley
mlock Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
WOah...i'm shocked... one of the best chapters so far IMHO
Pawlaczun Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Oh my... how a lot of them...
Oh Taeshi... a bit and you will burn away!! 22 pages... indescribable...
quality of comic is splendid... content probable... and the moment TessxPaulo... was... beautiful... of something so touching I did not see... (it's in need the only touching music...) till I burst into tears... TT____TT I'm crying even now... TT_______TT Taeshi – you’re the best !

...but those the excision, when Abbey wanted to tell about her own past... this not was nice... I hope that once his past you will draw...

And so besides - the full recommendation of the excellent comic!! ^^
(such comic could create only the genius... I hope that it will last eternally... oh crap !! I speak as pure Britisher !!! XD)
Helsaabi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
aww so drama TT ^TT so sad they kiss drama

great work comic TTwTT sniff * hey where my tussie !
Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Note: I wrote this in Microsoft Word, due to the fact I’m going to probably end up with a long comment WHETHER YOU OR I LIKE IT OR NOT. :-[

Ok. First off, as soon as I went to my deviation inbox and saw the none-Gaiden-ish name and the word “Gaiden” not in it, I SPLODED IN JOY. I literally avoided opening it first, and let the excitement build. O: I sense SO MANY PAIRINGS COMING TRUE HERE. Dx It kills me inside to know some of my favourites are dying. BUT IGNORE THAT COMMENT, I’M TRULY HERE TO PRAISE YOU AND YOUR TALENT AND KEEP YOU HAPPY WITH IT. D: What’s so weird is on page one, I sensed “;PauloxDaisy” and then the very last panel is so-totally-foreshadowing-guyz with “;PauloxDaisy”. Was that planned? Well, I presume so, seeing how much more effort you put into this comic us watchers now call the greatest story on earth. :3 Hmm.. Moving on.. [heh.. One of your titles.. 8D;;] Page 2 = love for Paulo. EVERY SINGLE PART WAS AWESOME. The best part next to his expression in the last panel “>8#|”, would have to be looking in the mirror the first time. I truly go fanboy in glee when I saw how well you drew him from the backside. *envvyyyy* Andd.. Page 3. “;Proper panels?!?!? In my comic?!?” Is right! SO AWESOME. ;_; You also drew Daisy and Tess really well done. Other than the fact that Tess’ hand is randomly behind her back and her other hand is a bit big for her proportional size, THEY HAVE THREE DIMENSIONS. Be happy. Or-I-eat-your-soul. I also adore Paulo’s first expression on this page. Paulo throughout this whole chapter is pure awesome. CARE-AC-TUR DEVELOPMENT FTW. Now, page 4, has so much detail, it’s like, “I can’t believe Taeshi drew this”. Hmm.. Tess’ heart on her necklace seems to change size, as well as her eyes in the second panel after the breast-shot was taken. OH. NOW THIS IS GOOD. Since I seem to have super-short-term memory loss [A.K.A. if I’m not thinking real straight I forget what just happened 5 seconds ago], I thought that David’s “wingman” had taken the picture.. xDD.. Then I scrolled up and made SURE. >.>;; Also, who is with him? She looks like a moose/deer, no offence. ._.
Ahaha. Page 5. The spoon changes size. Paulo starts being less douche-y [ftw.] And the decore on the table in panels 14 and 15 seem to be invisible, and then.. visible? AMAZING. Other then that, This page was awesome, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS COMIC. Next page = close-ups = NO BACKGROUNDS AFTER THE FIRST ROW 8D Which I don’t mind, I beg you not to go and stressfully hurt yourself. IT LOOKS FINE. Aannnndddd The plot thickens.. And panel 6 makes my heart sink? Naw, I’d go more with panel 5 for page 7. And man. Oh man. I’m just dying here going “What?! Tess NEVER liked Paulo?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TAESHI. O:<!!” Not much to say here except that Paulo finally got his cool back after tripping up and panel 15 is the one expression I’d never expect to EVER be drawn. >.> Hmm.. Do you and the original owner plan out the parts for Tess together? Although, I truly love panel 2 and 7. Panel 7 is something I never thought I’d ever see him do. BUT I’M GLAD I DID. Oddly enough. Ohohoho. Page 9 tells me a new vibe from Tess towards Paulo. ;D Also, I never noticed her way in the back was that spiky for the occasion until now. o-o Annnnddd, I just realized Tess was in grade 12. ^______________^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; *runs away from gunfire* I always thought she was in grade 10, seeing as I specifically remember her being called a sophmore A.K.A. a 2nd year student. Heh. I also thought Tess kissed Paulo when she dug her afce in his chest seeing as the angle you drew it from. GOOD JOB. Taunt us PauloxTess rooters. D: Also, I for some reason dislike the last panel.. I presume that that is Tess’ face crying in the darkness? Anyways, on to page 10. OUTLINING! PURE EFFORT! PROPER PANELS! A KISS! LOVE! GAH! Evan = “wait for the ‘real’ action..” xDD… Hmm.. I truly loved the fading effect. Better than what I did on my crappy first page of my comic. =/ And other than the pure effort and skill page eleven took, I still agree that Mike’s reflection MUST become a side-character in the least, and seeing McCain with his “girlfriend” makes this fanboy of yours happeh. :] [Whoa. I just reached one full page of this commenting. ONWARDS! |D] I also noticed Kizuna is with someone? The name escapes me.. I’M ALSO LOVING THE BLACK CAT ACTION COMING BACK. <3. Annnddd back to Taeshi’s classic style we’ve all come to know and love. I also love your retorical statements you hide in the comic. For example here, “;Predictable ride this way” x33 Other than me hating Daisy more than ever for being a manipulative jerk [Even though I manipulate people in my life a lot.. I TRY NOT BE A JERK ABOUT IT. :-[!!!] I believe that Daisy should’ve at least fallen over in some fashion after panel 4, the angle looks WAAAYYY too tilted for her to regain balance. Hmm.. I believe you sketched in some darkness and used an eraser to make the fireworks? It looks that way.. Anyways, I agree with ~Skyen here, you definitely should’ve darkened the sky. It would’ve created the whole night mood a whole lot more, as well as bring more attention to the fireworks, especially in panel 2. [Wow. I should paragraph this. But I feel I want to show the clump of awesome-commenting the way it is. :3] Wooo~ Page 14~ one step closer to the end of my rant! >D And this is the said of Mike I’ve been dying to see. FINALLY YOU SHOW YOUR TRUE FEELING STOWARDS HER. BEAT UP THAT MANIPULATIVE BITCH. [Oh my. I just called Diasy a bitch. IM SO SORRY. ;3;] Hmm.. Next page has not much to say except I love how you created the mood and atmosphere here, and Mike’s expression in the final panel is so what he should’ve done from the beginning, instead of wangsting on about how he hurt her feelings. ABBEY MIGHT JUST GET HIM FOR THIS. :0! And oh my. At first I was loving FFCat’s [A.K.A. AUGUSTUS’. ;D] whole thing here, utnil it looked like he was going to rape her. I thought you might make them kiss and she would give in seeing as she does the next page, but it still seemed dominantly rape-worthy. :-[ Mhmm.. This is where FFCat’s true awesomeness of being in control shows up. You amy call that being a douchebag or a smartass, but I call that purely awesome control. Especially with the whole “Abraham” thing going on. I love How Abbey’s name is Abraham. IT JUST FITS THIS WHOLE SCENARIO. Next page. FFCat = winnar, Abbey = losar. Hmm.. I wish you could’ve told us what Mike was saying in Daisy’s flash back on this next page, page 20. I love this page, just every other. Everything about is perfect. :3 Except FFCat’s scar. It doesn’t look like one for some reason. IT LOOKS LIKE SCRIBBLES. D: And page 21.. I get sad seeing this as the second last page. ;3; But, we FINALLY get to see Abbey recognized for his deeds, which brings him up a good rank higher in my books. He’s all emo-protective-out there-kid. And seeing Abbey’s ears perked up like that makes him looks like Mike except with bigger ears that are predominantly on the top. Ok, the final page, TWENTY-TWO. Not much to say except that is that FFCAT that was scribbled over in the first panel? Also, I truly love the way you ended this, the last three panels helps sum it up quite nicely. But now, I WANT THE NEXT ONE. Even though the emo is done. WAAUUUUGGGHHHH. *slashes wrists* … … Oh wait. Now I’ve become emo. … … :0!
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007  Professional General Artist
Oh goodness, yeah. I noticed I have a huge habit of drawing something really detailed.. and then as I progress through the comic, the outfit/accessory becomes more and more exaggerated and huge. Like Tess' heart, for example. If you actually look at older comics with her, you'd notice Tess looks CONSIDERABLY different and that I honestly toyed with her and made her look more toony in future comics. She used to look more mature back then.. and her necklace would become HUUUGEEE and LOOONG.. but it's beginning to become a more reasonable shape now.. so yeah XD You're quite observant! I'm sure you're observant enough to see that Abbey magically became about Mike's height in the end of the final page. He's actually meant to be as tall as Paulo.. hence why he looks really tall at first in the final page. I need to work on consistency.

I don't know if "PauloxDaisy" is being foreshadowed! You tell me ";D" I guess this whole comic has been on the theme of intertwining stories.. so you know.. I felt that was a fitting ending. More deepness is left up to the viewers~

">8#|" Is a kickass expression and I adore you for it "XDDDD" And also Tess has man hands!! (Except not really) Sorry about the arm disappearing behind her back XD I kept imagining her sort of lolling her hand back and forth.. so I imagined it shyly moving behind her or something.. yeah ;.;

Justin didn't take the picture XD And the person with him is actually a character from Parappa II! I was making an obscure reference there. If you played the game, you'd totally view that panel a different way.

Does the spoon really? I thought I was being pretty consistent with that part XD But I.. guess.. YOU JUST GET A CLOSE UP. You should be grilling me instead over how horrible Paulo's hand looks in that! Aughh! Also the decorations were too shy to really get into the angst so that's why they went into hiding. *Punched*

Lily just has Tess' backstory.. but in terms of Tess' role in the comic, that's pretty much my job XD I'm just using her history as canon.. and Lily has told me about the things that have happened to her.. regarding Roger and even that "drugged" incident when she was a Freshman.. but that isn't actually a painful memory to her!

Tess is in grade 11! She's a Junior! She's gonna be a senior (Grade 12) next year! That's why she keeps talking about how she has a year left whereas Paulo's just beginning. And no, she was never called a Sophomore before. She's hated BY the sophomores, but she's a junior right now. Maybe when she was called a sophomore, it was a flashback to when she was dating Roger XD

Kizuna is with Rin XD

Yeah, Final Fantasy Cat's scribble-scar is VERY light.. I didn't wanna make it all bold and EPIC-WORTHY.. it's seriously just a side-trait that he has.. but obviously he was hiding it for good reason. Poor Final Fantasy Cat. And yeah, the fireworks shoulda been darkened "XD;" I'll make sure to do that for next time.. as for my method of making them, guilty as charged! I did use an eraser!

Final Fantasy Cat wasn't scribbled over in the first panel XD It's actually meant to be a REALLY DARK and hollowed out narration of what Abbey told Daisy.. so you're not really meant to make anything out of it.. it was originally a panel in itself, but I was advised to kill it ;.; Yeah.

Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007


>8#| ":]"

But.. Why would I grill over a mistake with Paulo? PAULO HAS NO MISTAKES. HE IS PERFECTION. *paulo-fanboy ftw* PAULO FANS... UNITE!

shzhhhzhh. She was totally called a sophomore.. *cough* >.>;; *runs away*

Was it a.. Pencil-end'd eraser? ... :0!

Souppy told you to kill it?! HE TOLD YOU TO STOP DRAWING SOMETHING?! WHAT?!?!?! >:0!

taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional General Artist
Poor Final Fantasy Cat and his multiple names XD His real name has been uttered over a thousand times in this huge thread so I guess you can find it out now~ Nyoho.

And I'm pretty sure Tess was only called a sophomore at the time that they were describing her relationship with Roger.. since she WAS dating him last year.. meaning she's a junior now!

And I have a big and soft eraser which makes erasing mucho easier XD I only use the eraser on the mechanical pencil to erase teeny things.

And Souppy told me to kill the first panel of the final page since I originally had a collage there XD NOW IT'S ALL COVERED IN BLACKNESS except for very little hoho.
Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
Matt Engarde... <3 xD


Ah. Makes sense.

Souppy = awesome?
Gulstab Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
Scratch Gus. MATT ENGARDE IT IS. :0
Evang-y Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007   Photographer they get in half-price if they go together


...also david in that outfit SCARES ME


...I really like the way you did Paulo and Mike INTERCEDING and stuff.

AND NICE KITTEN CHEST. And this better end up like one of those "RAPE IS BAD" Degrassi episodes.


...awwwwww mannnnn fuck you Lil this is the saddest cat drama I've ever seen. Good job on bringing me down.

...and I'm trying to hide it with my-a...sarcastic twang but THAT'S SAD AND I HATE YOU

...meanwhile Daisy looks like a Final Fantasy Cat, too! THAT CAN'T BE GOOD. And yes I do agree that there should be an episode of Bittersweeties where they go into MIRROR WORLD, like on the Rugrats and Mike fights his funhouse mirror'd self in an epic battle.

Lil, you should've had Carter being one of the fancharacter inserts who stares with his mouth gaping wide in shock at Mike and Daisy. It'd have been COMEDY RELIEF AT IT'S FINEST.


And now page 16, the page I ruined your progress on! Let's see how it shows based on how horrible the apparently-hard-to-write dialogue is!

...oh look, it's Matt Engarde Cat! Who'd have thunk he'd somehow know where Final Fantasy Cat has been all this time. What a boneriffic asshole. And GOLLY GEE does he look fiendish. I'm afraid to click the next page.

OHHH MAN I am giggling in how awesome Abraham is. He DESERVES to have the same name as the most badass president in history. Also, I bet giving you a play-by-play of my reactions as I read is a sucky way of commenting. Oh well. Oh man I want to see this showdown now. I love you Abraham.

Also I forgot to mention but McCain on a roller coaster = awesome

Man, Matt Engarde Cat acts exactly like his namesake, too. He's too badass for me to handle right now. Holy shit.

And nice way of Phoenix Wrighting me with a blackout while they explain what's going on. Jerk.

...anyway this comic was awesome and proves to me you are the most awesome person on deviantart and in fact the most awesome person I have ever known ever
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
I love your comments.

THIS MUCH ";________________________________________ _;"

Oh my god, Final Fantasy Cat needs to be Matt Engarde Cat from now on. WHY DO YOU KEEP GIVING ME AWESOME NAMES FOR MYSTERIOUS CHARACTERS. You douche. Also, I really like play-by-play comments.. since it shows the emotions of the person as they're reading through rather than reading everything and then giving a condensed reaction XD It's nice getting to hear all the thoughts and stuff.

I feel bad that Abbey is coolest when he's being an unstable freak.. otherwise he's just a big fruit XD Badass Abbey should stay.. but that's something that he's gonna try to extinguish now! Wahhh!

Abbey should join the mafia.
Evang-y Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007   Photographer
Abbey will get into waste disposal but that's just a front for the mafia and cheat on his wife and have psychological problems and go to a psychiatrist SEE THAT'S GOOD TV A MOBSTER WHO HAS PANIC ATTACKS HA MAN THAT'S SOMETHING ELSE and then he has a group of other mobsters who have weird problems too like Carson the cat is in his mafia group and Abbey outs him and Carson is sent into mafia exile and then stuff happens and he goes to a resturant and some guy comes in all suspicious-like with a GUN and there's music from Journey playing and then suddenly it goes all black for no reason and the entire world gets pissed off because they don't know if Abbey died
AikaChan21 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
Ahhh You've improved A LOT with your comic making! I love love love it all.<33I especially like how detailed you've gotten with your shading, outlining, just everything- it looks much cleaner and such. My favorite page was that page that looked like an actual manga- it'd be pretty epic if you made all your comics like the actual manga format, but that would just add a lot more stress, hrm? XDD;; Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this arc. I'm excited with how each character's personality is developing, and can't wait to see more. Keep it up! :]
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I keep asking myself the same question over and over again...

Over and over again...


You wouldn't believe what emotions I had gone through reading the entire 22 pages of this 'Love My Way'...

Jesus... I realise the true meaning of your title now... I know it sounds silly but bitter this.. Then sweet that... Bitter again... Sweet once more... It's a continual cycle of clever drama and entertainment revolving around these very themes.

A-hem anyway with regardings to me thinking that you should publish this in future, don't get me wrong here cuz I know you're going through university now and I reckon that is a very important step to take in life. I support you on this and such but if you ever get the opportunity you got to get this cartoon series of yours and show the world it's true might! XXD *chuckle* Well even if you never had the time or chance to do this in future well at least I can do the least by getting those 5 pages of yours published on my graphic novel - extras section - once it's done. ^_~

Seriously I was amused to the max reading this whole thing... The little fine details of my entertainment reading this arc can only be fully translated with sound and action (yes literally!). I was giggling here and there at the clever build up of character development, it felt as if I was really there with your characters so to speak.

And man the contrast between the two dates... That was really amazing... I didn't anticipate it to be even better than I had expected. No seriously. It's just blowing my mind out. Especially when you have a little background knowledge about each of the characters you have expectations but for a long long time I haven't had someone toying with my expectations and ending them in a good way - or bittersweet way you should say!

Anyway I better stop here cuz I'll just get boring going on and on about your cartoon series.

(and heck the drawing/direction/angles/dramatic camera/bubblicious moments/WTF moments with David/drawing quality/drawing quality/drawing quality etc... It's all too good! XXD)

Gagh! Stop rambling Elson! I'm not trying to a Daisy and admit to something that I am not! *SHOT* XXD

Phew... Anyways keep up the lovely stuff! Enjoy your uni break with Suitcase and take care! *thumbs up* :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
Selphite Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
Duuuuuude, that was incredible! Such action, drama, romance, ANGST or whatever you call it. Shadow the Hedgehog would've had a field day with this!

Mike's a real steadfast guy, always loyal and faithful to his significant other. If Sandy would've seen him now, he definitely would've gotten much love for it. I wonder what she's doing riiiight at that moment. Mike did get really firm and direct with Daisy, the phrase, "You disgust me", that was unexpected to come from Mike's mouth, but that's completely understandable due to the fact that she forced a kiss on him. That was gross. >_>; She really did try to get into Mikie's pantalones, but failed. Poor Daisy, Final Fantasy Cat was owning her. Good thing that she broke it off with him before it was.....waaaay too late, I guess. Abraham...Abraham, such a spark of anger and rage towards Final Fantasy Cat, kinda scary. But Final Fantasy Cat can really mess with someone's head can't he? Jeez, what a jerkface. :l

Hmm....what else could I say? OH! Forgotten about Paulo and Tess. Bah, couldn't they just have been together? How can you rob someone's cradle if they are giving it to them? I mean c'mon, she's only about 3-4 years older than him, and who said that the woman being older means that's a bad thing? I guess it only counts until after you're 18 or so. Daisy and Tess's dresses were very pretty. Daisy looked especially good, so pretty. If I was Mike, I don't think I could've stuck with my long distance relationship with Sandy, she was trying so hard, maybe he could've given her maybe...well, there was basically nothing he could do without being labeled a big fat CHEATER, and pummeled to death by the female posse of his Highschool. Heh, here's to hoping that Daisy can find her way back, and Paulo and Tess will be together.

Hmm...David really pulls off that Haruka costume very well, I bet he could parallel park with that guitar he's riding on. XD And Lucy made a very small appearance, maybe the universe of the comic will revolve around her laaater? :DDDD

Waaaugh, my thoughts are all over the place, too bad the computer can't sort out thoughts into categories! Heh, maybe that's something Bill Gates could come up with next? I can see it now: "Microsoft Thought Sorter", it could happen.

Ah, now for the critique for the comic!
Umm...well....I'm not really good at it, I give you a 10! And for everyone who didn't read it should, it's basically pure amazing-ness in a nutshell.

Oh, and I laughed at the part where Paulo smashed Mikie's face into the table. x3 Poor Mike, foaming at the mouth while Daisy is trying to tend to him. ;-; I'd say MikexDaisy forever, but I'm pulling for MikexLucy the most, so...yeah. Good work Taeshilh! Keeep it uppity! :3
Matrixx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
McCain makes another striking appearence!!11!

I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I think that this episode was pretty heavy on the drama... I do understand that it's because all the drama is pretty much wrapped up, now, so I guess I don't even need to bring it up!

The artwork in this episode was quite great! I love the composition of the special pages you did - top notch! Also the fireworks show reminds me of that one compilation picture you did.

Also, we never found out Final Fantasy Cat's name you freakin' tease
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
Hahah, yeah.. this was pretty damn heavy on the drama.. but you could interpret this as the Endgame for the Archie comic!! Because after this, IT'S AWWWWWWRIGHT. Or it goes downhill. You tell me!


But people call him "Gus"

But his close-knit friends call him "Asparagus"

Because he is a theatre cat.

(So am I telling the truth? THING IS YOU CAN'T KNOW "XDDDD")
Matrixx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
I don't care if you're telling the truth, his name is Gus now.
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