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Rising Temperature. by taeshilh Rising Temperature. by taeshilh
[link] This is chapter 54!

I didn't think this was gonna happen again! Oh noooo.. I guess that's because this comic is fourteen pages long.

Anyway, Souppy told me to tell you guys to READ THIS INSTALLMENT. Apparently it's really good.. although it contails MUCHO DRAMA.

Be warned for there is a lot of yelling and drama and whoaaaah.. or something. I JUST KNOW SOME OF YOU DISLIKE THE EMO. Well, emo week is back.. and it's here to stay ":-[" Since the next installment (Arc finale in a way) will also be emo.. and the two comics after that will be the same, whoaaa.

SO YES. You've been warned!



Don't meeeess eeet!
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vertMB Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007   Filmographer
That random awesomely done page attacked me out of the blue.
This whole issue was tense, I'm so glad none of my real life friends are like that with me, actually I've been in the been crushed on situation before, I didn't like the girl but she was obsessed with me.

I thought I'd mention that Lucy kinda reminds me of Yuki from the cat returns because they're both white cats with bows (comparisions are kinda lame I know, but I couldn't stop thinking about it when I watched it the other day)
I should of so saw that coming to Daisy, I remember something kinda similar happened to some girl at school once because she joined into my group for a while after it happened to her.

I was looking through some of the older issues and it's amazing how much you've improved, it sorta started off as a squiggly thing then evolved into all this cool shading and stuff.

The main reason I like this comic is because it sorta achieves a kinda realism in a sense and I can sometimes really relate to some of the stories.
(This is officially my new fav drama since the season of desperate housewifes is over) :p

I still haven't become majorly attached to Abbey yet, not sure why, I need to find out more info on his family, don't see why he's moody towards his foster dad as he seemed a nice guy.

Does final fantasy cat have a real name or is he meant to just be called final fantasy cat, he seems strange and confusing. D=
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007  Professional General Artist
I need to check out this Yuki XD

Abbey's moody towards his REAL father XD He's totally cool with his foster parents. When Mike was talking to Janet, he mentioned over how Abbey speaks ill-will towards his father.. meaning birthfather.. so yeah. Sorry for the confusion!

And you're right, the first few comics were absolute rubbish XD It's because this comic started out as me just doodling while studying for a University exam.. it was to keep me awake. A few comics later, I actually began putting more EFFORT!

Final Fantasy Cat actually has a name, although it's meant to be a joke and I don't know if it should be official XD I JUST LIKE THE NICKNAME HE'S BEEN GIVEN OKAY.
vertMB Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007   Filmographer
I found a picture, she's the one on the far right: [link]

Still it's really cool how it turns from a doodle into a comic with like a zillion pages, storywise you've covered a lot so there is quite a lot of character development going on.
AnimaGirlDaria-chan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
Ohhh, how I love this comics series of yours!!!

Honestly, everything look so neat and pretty! And storyline is great too! I just love how things turn out to be - believable, true, it's just like a real-life! I think it's really great that characters actually facing problems and having to deal with them!
I'm really looking forward to see more chapters! And I wish you good luck with your unuversity business!

BTW, about that Final Fantasy Cat... why don't he takes Daisy out and make her happy instead of pursuing and telling her to make Mike hers? X))) That would solve the problem...
sloopygoop Featured By Owner May 29, 2007
Wow, I really like that page 11. I was so taken aback by the page layout! It seriously threw me for a little bit...I was like, "Whoa, what??" Very nice page there.
Bakurakrazie Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
What happened to Daisy TOTALLY never happens in real life. There's NEVER any annoying girls that, like, judge on, like, your appearance or, like, anything, right?


Yay, excited for next installment; PauloxTess. ^-^

:XD: David wasn't in this one, he should be in the next one, with Kizuna stalking him, the entire time going ':D Who are you?!?!'

(/weird comment)
Matrixx Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
Everyone in this chapter sucked.

And you know who isn't in this chapter?



But seriously, this was quite a read :O! Just because "everyone sucked" in it doesn't mean that the comic does XD it just goes to show you that all the characters have their flaws... and are still stupid teenagers of waaangst.

I do hope this gets resolved, I can't wait to see what happens!
NekoPau Featured By Owner May 27, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
>w< gesh! I can't wait to see next chapter! *^* this one was too exicting!!! :3
Liveandlearn1 Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
I love the emotions in this!! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo
Awsome. *BRICKED* XD
Anyway, I love how you draw 0___0 I'm officially obsessed. STAULKEERR XDDD
lol jk xD
I'd love to study the emotions you draw :D
Helsaabi Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
great work comic :D im so happy new comic is great
JelliedFox Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
Mm., I likes teh Dramas <3
Valejandra-Fox Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
wow, you worked alot xD
SO MUCH ACTION/DRAMA....I love it x3
I like how you come up with new characters - Abbey's mom and dad.
*squee* such lovey dovey cutie parts ^^
Jazukai Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your comics so much *.*
I could totally read them forever, it's interesting to see the extensions of whats here on your site :3
How do you come up with all this stuff, its amazinggg o.o
MangaSupreme234 Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
wow looks great especially the expressions
th351 Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
You can tell this chapter is full of drama when there's no David to be seen. xD *BRICKED*
But gosh taeshilh, I don't know how you do it. :| It's like you have this power to suck people in the comic...soak it all up.
Like the others said, this is far one of my favorite chapters. I really loved Abbey. Kind of interesting to see him all fired up. XD

I would say more, but everything that I can think of as been noted.
lmao, Final Fantasy cat. GOTTA LOVE HIM. :D :heart:
sonikku2 Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
great comic! geez, the way Paulo was! he reminded me of myself before my junior prom! XD
can't wait for the next one!
BlinkAnjell01 Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
OHHH YESSS. this ROCKS. but yes, i hated everyone in this chapter! it's like chapter of the douchebags! BUT GOD I LOVED IT.

don't be a whore, Daisy, pleeeease ;___;

yea, the art was incredible! the only part that seemed a tad awkward was the argument dialogue between mike and abbey. what a cool family he has, though! anyways, GREAT JOB! this is superb!~
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
Yeah, the dialogue was scrunched up and I hope people were able to read it ":-[" That was definitely the toughest part to do.. and I hope I don't have to draw dialogue-heavy crap like that again!

I TOLD YOU. Everyone SUCKS in this chapter! Paulo's a douche, Daisy's a whore, Mike's conceited, Abbey's a LUNATIC, Final Fantasy Cat is.. Final Fantasy Cat. EVERYONE JUST SUCKS.

Except Lucy. Lucy can do no wrong.
Bakurakrazie Featured By Owner May 28, 2007
HEY! Tess is actually cool in this chappie. :XD: For, like, ONCE.
BlinkAnjell01 Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
oddguy Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
ill be blunt,i didnt like this one.
i didnt hate it or anything
but i felt the dailog was kinnda overly dramatic

the drawing was amazing
your getting better and better at drawing by the second.
and that spacial "propper panal page" was stuning
+ there wherent too many funny bits,but that wasent
really a problem.

so the only thing i didnt like about this one
is the dailog.
its not even the drama that was bothring me,
cuz if there was no drama there woul be no plot.
but the way thay talk and act towards each other
during,what is a vary heated argument that is crossing over
into vary personal issus.
seems somwhat disengenuos.
like abby bursting out imidiatly into the heart
without warning or beating aroud the bush.
or mikes "SHUT UP !"... thats kind of girly reply.
plus the fake feeling psudo violnce...
i dunno,
maybe it's just me
you dont have to listen to me on this
it's probebly just a matter of diffrence in caltur/test/opinion.
i'm just saying i didnt like it.
it might just seem that way to me and no one else
so do whatever you like with this comment
if the dailog feels right to you it's probably really o.k.

last time i thought he lerrend his lesson
and here we are one comic later (plot wise)
and hes back to his old self !
paying no attnton to daisy and being dumb !
i am no longer a daisyxpaulo fan !
now i think she deserves somone much better !
and paulo deserves do get assraped in a turkish prison !
i hope he gos to the prom and get's beat up...
he sucks...
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
Hey, you got yourself a new icon! I think I'm gonna miss that messy green one, but hey XD We're up for a new adventure now with Mr. Oddguy!

Yeah, they weren't really fighting with fists and crap, though. Mike was more just grabbing Abbey's arm because he was feeling THREATENED since Abbey was trembling in a way that.. you know.. if you were to piss him off further, Abbey would start being violent ":-[" Mike is a self-defense kinda person.. he knows how to block and all that other crap really quick.. so he wasn't really HURTING Abbey.. just trying to restrain him.

And Abbey isn't really the type to beat around the bush too much.. especially when he's full of rage like that. There's actually a reason Abbey was being so illogical and.. burning.. but that will be shown later on. There's just something not right with him, etc. And obviously Mike couldn't really get a word in until the last minute "XD;" Nyahh. That was definitely the toughest dialogue-exchange I've ever had to work with.. so I'm not surprise it has its flaws.

Ahahahah, yeah, Paulo is quite a forgetful guy, isn't he! He just quickly thinks "Oh whatever Daisy's fine HEY TESSSSSS ;))))))))" and crap. He probably would have changed a lot easier if Daisy was in the group, but she just hasn't appeared at all.. and remember that this is after easter break. So it isn't like this comic is taking place the next day after the pep rally. He had a whole two weeks and a few days to forget about what happened. Silly Paulo!

EVERYONE sucked in this comic "XDDD" I thought Mike was a bit of a conceited jerkface.. since he was sorta half-gloating about how Lucy needs him and stuff and that Abbey is whining for a cause that he doesn't know about (Which is completely false, BUT WE'LL GET TO THAT)
oddguy Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
your right !
everyone did suck !
but paulo sucks the most !

paulo really sucks... abby was right
thay both couldent give a fuck less
about anybody thay cant bone
so mike sucks too.
... i forgot about easter break
but thats still no excuse !
paulo is by far the worst friend ever.
daisy really needs some new friends...
she really has bad luck in that area...
poor daisy...
paulo sucks...
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 27, 2007  Professional General Artist
Ahahah, wow! You really hate him now XD He was just fired up about the whole prom business, I guess.. he is quite a failure of a friend, though, you're right.

At least Mike is making up for it! He was just on cloud nine for the past.. few months that he pretty much wasn't paying attention to things around him.. ;.; DON'T DRAG HIM DOWN WITH YOU.
oddguy Featured By Owner May 27, 2007
O.K,mike is fine.
but paulo still sucks !
daisy needs better friends..
man dose she have some bad luck
nothing good EVER happens to her.

since the next comic might not be comming out for a while...
try to keep people (mainly my fanboy ass) posted on hoe its going
just next journal add a lil footnote like:
"comic goind well"
or "hadent even started"
or "quit compleatly"
k' ?
Skyen Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, wrote a long comment... a long, long, LONG comment.

Too long, in fact, and too off-topic. So I put it all in a note instead, where it's okay to be off-topic because there is no topic.

So, uh... go read that, yeah? Just wanted to still give you the comment :)
Dark-Dragon-Rod Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
psh, bunch of WHORES (i mean the cheerleaders)

I can't wait to see the next installment! :3
Endpiece Featured By Owner May 26, 2007

Final Fantasy Cat indeed.
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
All he needs is a huge sword ";D"
Gulstab Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
Oh wow. This has got to be the best "emo-tastic" chapter yet. So much learnt! 'O'! I love so much about this! Especially finally seeing Mike stand up for himself here.. That's something uncommon! I feel like I always undercomment on your comics on parts I like, I'm sorry! It's whatever is left in my memory to comment about! [Has a form of short-term memory loss sometimes xDD]

Gah! I knew Daisy wouldn't stay this way with Final Fantasy Cat still stalking her down ;] And yes, to jump back some pages, PAULO//ABBEY FOREVA~~ xDD [Even though it's so unbalanced with the fighting making it more of a "crack" pairing.. ^^;] BUT WE ALL KNOW IT'S PAULO//MIKE TRULY.~~

I love these emo-tastic ones! WHOEVER COMPLAINS IS A DOUCHEBAG. :-[
And I don't know why you hate the part where FFCat walks in on Daisy, I truly found that awesome! Especially since it's not your style to not do 9-12 [i forgot.. ^^;] continous, even panels! Gah! Gotta love FFCat. And the ending was so malevolently bittersweet.. [tehe!] "You won't forget tomorrow.. ...My love. :heart:" I LOVE IT! >3<~

Also, i didn't mind all the yelling. It was necessary for them to let their true thoughts out on each other, isnetad of leaving each other in endless questioning.

ONE LAST NOTE: The bottom on the first page here on dA with Mike "grabbing" Paulo by the "neck" brings out the Paulo//Mike. xDDDD
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
To be honest, Mike was so dangerously close to Abbey at times during their arguments that I'm surprised people are not giggling out "MikexAbbey" "XDDDD" They both are really "meek," though.. I wonder who'd be the dominant one!!!

Also why am I thinking about this!!!!!
Gulstab Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
Because I manipulated you into pairing your male characters. xDD

Mike//Abbey? Well, If you put it THAT way, Mike would be dominant.. I say Abbey would be, seeing as he can get courage much faster than Mike can, apparently. They could also be a switching one, considering in Mike getting complete control in the end there.

FanartProf Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
wow. i am living the drama i never had to deal with in life! ^_^ yea, you caught my attention and i had to read the whole thing. i feel like the argument between mike and Abbey ended way too abruptly, but nothing can be done to change that now.

oh, and i love your website! all of the icons are adorable!! faving and bookmarking!!
Evang-y Featured By Owner May 26, 2007   Photographer
and awwww

third comment but that was sweet ;.; Like cuppin' cakes. I wanna see friggin' Mike amend his relationship with Daisy. I DON'T WANT THEM TOGETHER AT ALL but I felt so bad for the two'a them.

And awww. Abbeychaaaaan
TwilightThorn Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
rawr. best chapter ever >: O

hehe, seriously this seemed a step up from the other ones, I can't exactly figure out whats different about it, but it seems to have a higher quality in every way somehow... ok, I'll tape my mouth shut before my usual tangents spark up. XD

hehe I love how Daisy has a messy wessy look, fits her character more than that clean curly look from when she was a mere side character, hehe she looks cuter that way. XDD

and my god, return of theh best character ever. ...and he brought the dramatic paneling of comics with him X3
I hafta say offense, but the proper paneling is alot nicer than the usual and I wish it would be possible to see more.... it adds drama that the sunday comic style kinda numbs down when drama is really needed ^^;

.... ok, Floatzel go, surf! *surfs away*... *sucked into whirlpool and drowns*
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
Oh, definitely. I can agree with you that the box comic way I draw has several really terrible flaws in terms of the SUSPENSE department. That's why I felt that one page should be proper paneled, lol.

Proper panels are great to use and I would definitely use them more often if.. umm.. Bittersweet was like my hobby. But realize that I drew fourteen pages of this story in about two weeks.. imagine if they were proper paneled. You'd have to see them be released (I wouldn't be surprised) months later in a PACK. It'd be at least 30 pages for one chapter, I assure you "XD;" And.. I don't know.. I wanna express the ideas and story more.. not to say I hate quality over quantity, but I guess I just don't feel.. like this will be my future. So I don't put the best of my abilities into it unless it's really needed.

Sounds really terrible and selfish.. but I also don't want you guys waiting forever and a day for these installments XD
TwilightThorn Featured By Owner May 26, 2007
hehe to be honest I'm glad you are able to submit as much as you do..not like me who's just started thhe 4th page X3X lol
Evang-y Featured By Owner May 26, 2007   Photographer
Also wow is dog/cat marriage like gay marriages in Bittersweetland
taeshilh Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional General Artist
Except it's legal! And only the really conservative douchefaces hate it. Otherwise, it's more of a personal choice. There's already that whole baby-sacrifice ":-[" Aww.
SoftMonKeychains Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Professional Artisan Crafter
Whoa, i got some funny minutes reading that chapter,good one with a lot of emotions^^
Finally we could see Abbey´s family, I just got some doubts about him, about his specie (since for me, he looks a cat with fall ears) but now i got it^^ (he has nice parents)
His sister is so sweet too (poor girl, she saw the worst moment....)
I can´t believe that Daisy really got a kinda of date with Mike....well, she looks to have difficult to intregate in a group....and now....
The final intrigued the shadows appeared the (Final Fantasy?) cat again....with an ironic smile...what´s the meaning of that?
Good one!!! Thanks for the all the fun!
See ya!
Evang-y Featured By Owner May 26, 2007   Photographer
I would so read "Pretty Dresses Weekly".
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