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July 27, 2004
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Unwanted interrpution. by taeshilh Unwanted interrpution. by taeshilh
I can be so unspeakably random at times xD!! *Smacked*

But yes.. this was kinda inspired by conversations that I've had.. you know those days when you just can't type well x.x;; You make an error every 5 seconds.. and it's just completely irritating? xD Well.. yeah.. I remember at one point even saying "The typo fairy must be smacking me around real hard today :|"..

.. And that's when I thought of this idea xD There actually DOES exist errors when actually speaking, too.. when you stutter or say something you didn't mean.. so that's why I doodled this.. I was trying to make it seem like a lovey-dovey comic.. but one screw up completely alters that xD

And yes. I am that insane about Souppy xD!! I at times get all gushy by the littlest quirk when he's talking.. like when we talked on the phone.. and I kept going all "EEEEE" whenever he was all "Sorry?" after he couldn't hear something I said. :| I am weird.

Indeed xD Hooray for the typo fairy.. or not. He seems like a mixture of typos and newbieness, too.. hence why some words are automatically shortened up like "omg" and "stfu" xD

And for those who don't understand the last panel, I was just showing where the typo fairy originated from.. some office of REALLY ANNOYING characters.. hence the dreaded Art Block xD And I gave him a REALLY dull name, yes. I can actually imagine a dull guy saying "Bad day at work, George?" ;.; Alas for Mr. George.

Enjoy, though xD!! I adore the first panel.. uninked natural goodness.

(And yes.. the title was meant to be typoed xD To go with the subject of the comic.. and I wanna see how observant people are.. and if they actually read descriptions => Lah.)
Now to go and comment on stuff ;.;
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lycan-rising Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
wow. epic and completely true. but i never knew about the grammer fairy...must get me one of them.
HojoMcOjo Mar 4, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
That was a dude? :O_o:
The grammar fairy rocks! :dance: So cool...
Mazoku85 Mar 11, 2005
HA-HA-HA-HA!!! So thats it! ^____^
Crazy4Kuzco Feb 19, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now that explains everything!
Funneh! XD
AnimeGirlMika Aug 2, 2004  Professional General Artist
So THAT'S what happens XD I never noticed the title thing until you mentioned something about it...
tira-chan Jul 31, 2004   General Artist
Lol, I LOVE the 6th panel~ I really did laugh out loud when I saw that :rofl: I think this has happened to me before, tho not as comically~ :giggle: I read all the description! *paws*

All your charas' expressions are too cute :D
*just sits there and laughs* i blame the typo demons myself, but your typo fairy is so cute. ^.^;
I type like that on a regular basis. Sadly.
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